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5 million passengers from London Gatwick Airport on Wizz Air is a milestone.

5 million passengers from London Gatwick Airport on Wizz Air is a milestone

More than 5 million people have used Wizz Air to travel from London Gatwick to 26 locations in 16 countries, according to the airline, which is happy to reveal that it is also the airline with the fastest growth in Europe and the most environmentally friendly in the world.

On a trip from Faro Airport to London Gatwick this week, the 5 millionth traveler was greeted with a €200 gift card.

With Wizz Air operating 20 flights each day from London Gatwick, including daily flights to Athens, Faro, Nice, and Tel Aviv, this milestone comes at the end of the summer travel period.

The airline just announced two new routes from London Gatwick to Hurghada in Egypt and Prague in Czechia, which will begin on October 31st in addition to the existing lines from Gatwick.

Wizz Air’s operations at London Gatwick are thriving, having transported more than 2.7 million passengers in the past 12 months, an increase of 131% from the previous year. Wizz Air has also boosted the number of flights from London Gatwick by 133%, and the airline now has over 170 employees working out of its Gatwick hub.

This summer alone, Wizz Air handled more than 4 million passengers in the UK from its 8 airport hubs, including London Gatwick.

“We’re incredibly happy to celebrate the milestone of welcoming 5 million passengers at London Gatwick,” said Marion Geoffroy, managing director of Wizz Air UK. This accomplishment is a reflection of the hard work of our entire team and the confidence our customers have in us. We are still dedicated to giving customers a seamless and great travel experience, and we look forward to continuing to do so from London Gatwick in the future. We will keep providing clients with the greatest low-cost travel options by growing our team at Gatwick and launching our new routes. As consumers traverse the globe, we look forward to extending our cooperation with London Gatwick and welcoming them.

“We are thrilled to see Wizz Air welcome an astounding five million passengers to London Gatwick,” said Stephanie Wear, VP of Aviation Development at London Gatwick. It is evidence of Wizz Air’s tremendous recent growth and performance at London Gatwick, and we eagerly await the next five million.

Wizz is an important local employer, and we are eager to watch them expand with the introduction of two more new routes in October.

Source- Travel daily

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