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Airports Council International awards accreditation for accessibility enhancement to Hamad International Airport

Airports Council International (ACI) World has happily awarded the Accessibility Enhancement Accreditation to Hamad International Airport (DOH). The accreditation programme, which went into effect in August 2022, is aimed at enhancing accessibility, guaranteeing fair customer experiences, and fostering a more inclusive environment in the airport sector.

The accomplishment represents Hamad International Airport’s dedication to providing accessible services throughout its facility. The airport’s extensive array of passenger services and facilities—which include the Muzn Lounge, a special sensory room, dedicated restrooms, shuttle services within its roomy terminal, access to airport updates through information desks with trained Customer Service representatives, and a designated Animal Relief Area for passengers travelling with service animals—are a contributing factor in the accreditation.

We are honoured to acquire the prestigious ACI Accessibility Enhancement Accreditation, said Ioannis Metsovitis, Senior Vice President of Operations at Hamad International Airport. At Hamad International Airport, we firmly believe that all travellers have the fundamental right to access air travel. This award is evidence of our dedication to delivering a seamless and welcoming travel experience to all of our international passengers.

“This accreditation is a testament to Hamad International Airport’s commitment to providing safe and hassle-free accessibility for all types of air travellers,” stated Stefano Baronci, Director General, ACI Asia-Pacific. We anticipate that this accreditation will motivate our sector to pursue accessibility excellence. We at ACI Asia-Pacific are happy to be leading the change through this effort because we firmly think that every traveller deserves access to a seamless airport experience.

Setting objectives, creating plans, and maintaining accountability are all part of the accreditation programme for accessibility enhancement. The Hamad International Airport will continue to improve its services, policies, and governance framework during the three-year validity of the ACI Accessibility Enhancement Accreditation. The airport wants to improve the passenger experience for people of all abilities and promote an inclusive culture by prioritising accessibility and using global best practises.

This outstanding accomplishment establishes a new standard for airports in the Middle East, motivating the sector to pursue accessibility and diversity. A major global aviation hub since its opening in 2014, Qatar’s international travel hub is dedicated to its continued efforts to enhance the environmental, social, and governance wellness of the air transport system.

Source- Travel daily

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