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Andaman will provide tourists with premium caravan tourism services in unusual areas.

Andaman will provide tourists with premium caravan tourism services in unusual areas.

An official announced that soon visitors to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands will be able to rent luxurious caravans in remote areas of the archipelago. The ‘caravan’ will be air-conditioned and have plush bunk beds, a lounge space with mood lighting, recliners and fold-away tables and chairs, a chic kitchenette, a bathroom, and power backup.

According to the official, it would incorporate GPS navigation and a 360-degree security camera for the tourists’ protection.

In accordance with the original idea, the Directorate of Information, Publicity and Tourism (IP&T) will map out a number of unique spots near beaches, in the hills, and in the jungles where tourists who rent these caravans can park their cars for an exciting and cozy stay.

Basic amenities like water connections, electricity, outside grills, lovely lawns, and a caretaker or guide to help the tourists will be available in these unusual places. Travelers can enjoy their holiday, stay for a few days (depending on the package), and cook for themselves at these spots.

To let visitors to walk around in the caravan and see different sections of this lovely island, the administration is considering enabling them to travel from one spot to another based on the occupancy status of the exotic locations that have been mapped out.

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“Caravans are a distinctive tourism product that encourages family-friendly travel even in routes and locations without sufficient hotel accommodations. At chosen, acceptable areas, caravan parks will be built, offering either basic or sophisticated services and facilities for overnight parking of caravans. While assuring adherence to quality, standards, and safety rules, it is believed that caravan tourism will satisfy the growing demand for eco, adventure, rural, and beach tourists.

Young people, families, seniors, and foreign tourists would all be drawn to caravan tourism, according to Dr. Jatinder Sohal, director of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ tourism department, who spoke to PTI.

Source- The indian express

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