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 Being respectful overseas

 Being respectful overseas

Millions of Australians visit foreign countries each year because they like travelling. It’s common to unwind and let loose while travelling. But once you’re on the plane, keep your manners and common sense at home.

Observe the culture of the area

You may fully immerse oneself in different cultural experiences through travelling. You may find certain cultural differences to be upsetting because many cultures are considerably different from what you are used to in Australia. Don’t insult or mock local customs just because you don’t understand them or because you disagree with them.

You could like spending the day at a local temple or cultural centre, but these locations aren’t just for tourists. They frequently have profound meaning for the local population. Respect the villagers’ wisdom and do what they say.

Recognise that cultural norms for dress and attitude might differ greatly. Try to change what you do to reflect this. Keep in mind that you are a visitor at someone else’s house and that unruly visitors may be asked to leave. If you act in a way that the locals find disrespectful or disruptive, several nations will revoke your visa.

Observe local laws

It is your obligation to learn about and abide by local regulations where you are travelling. even if by Australian norms they seem severe or unjust. Like in Australia, local law enforcement is unlikely to accept the justification “I didn’t know” for breaking the law. Do not anticipate special treatment from local authorities simply because you are an Australian.

If you contravene a local law, the Australian Government is constrained in how and when we may assist. We are unable to resolve your legal issues, keep you out of jail, or cover any associated costs. You won’t require our assistance if you comply with the law.

Top advice

  • Read the travel guidelines for the place you’re going.
  • Before you arrive, familiarise yourself with your destination. Recognise the customs and laws of the area.
  • Don’t do something abroad that you wouldn’t do at home.
  • Utilise neighbourhood customs as a model for your own.
  • Ask if you’re unsure. You can get advice on what is appropriate and inappropriate from your tour guide or hotel management.
    Recall that you are a visitor. Be considerate.

SOURCE: smartraveller

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