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Bookings for last-minute campervan holidays have increased by 20%.

Bookings for last-minute campervan holidays have increased by 20%.

According to Max Schmidt, Head of CamperDays, the of campervans, “the sun has made an unexpected but very welcome return just as Brits were ready to give up on having a proper summer and retire their flip flops and sun cream for the year in exchange for raincoats and jumpers.”

“It appears that Britons are prepared to take advantage of the second round of summer sunshine by booking those impromptu, last-minute vacations. In fact, we discovered that, in July, last-minute reservations made up over a quarter (24%) of all camper trip reservations made in the UK. During the month of August, the percentage already accounts for 43% of all reservations made in Britain.

“It’s easy to understand why last-minute reservations have increased by over 20% since the return of the sun. For those who prefer to spend time in the woods without going to great lengths to prepare a full-on, back-to-basics camping itinerary, taking a summer road trip with family or friends is a fantastic choice. There is no need to dig out the Trangia or struggle with flimsy tents when traveling in a motorhome equipped with a working kitchen, a functioning bathroom, and a proper bed.

“The recent lifting of the wild camping restriction in England in response to the Dartmoor plea may also have contributed to an increase in last-minute bookings, as many people realized there is once again chance to explore the wild from the comfort of a campervan.

And more than simply last-minute reservations are increasing. Booking data reveals that the average total number of bookings in the last two weeks climbed by 21% compared to the preceding four weeks, proving that the sun has undoubtedly motivated Brits to plan for next vacations as well.

Source- Travel daily

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