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Breezeway officially joins Airbnb

Breezeway officially joins Airbnb

Breezeway has been recognized as an official Airbnb Software Partner. The integration makes use of several data connections to provide hosts and property managers with automation and operational insights. By integrating with Airbnb, hosts and property managers can use Breezeway to manage all aspect of their business, from cleaning and property preparation to scheduling, while utilizing intelligent checklists, automatic messaging, and workflows to create a dependable guest experience.

Breezeway uses the Airbnb reviews API to give hosts and property managers the ability to link individual tasks and particular property workflows with Airbnb guest reviews, gaining invaluable insight into homes, cleaning procedures, and other workflows that may benefit from additional management and support. Because of this, hosts and property managers, including the thousands of Breezeway customers who also use a third-party property management system, may quickly apply changes to the guest experience to fix operational gaps and produce higher-quality stays.

The alliance streamlines the planning, communication, and guest services for hosts and property managers. As a result of fully integrated messaging between Breezeway and Airbnb, hosts and property managers can now view and respond to Airbnb message threads within the Breezeway platform. They can use this functionality to answer questions from guests, notify them when a home is ready for check-in, or update the status of open service requests. Through the Airbnb integration, Breezeway Guide, a customized digital welcome book, and Breezeway Assist, a round-the-clock call service enhanced with Breezeway’s AI-driven engine, are also linked.

Breezeway’s CEO and founder, Jeremy Gall, expressed his excitement at the company’s selection as an official Airbnb Software Partner. We are both dedicated to assisting hosts and property managers in delivering dependable hospitality in distinctive and genuine homes.

There is a ton of work done behind the scenes to create a pleasant guest experience, from cleaning and quality assurance to supply restocking, linens, regular maintenance, upkeep, property safety, and assisting the guest in taking advantage of all the home’s facilities. Breezeway automates these processes, minimizes errors, and aids hosts and property managers in consistently exceeding visitors’ expectations.

Breezeway’s integration of Airbnb review insights provides hosts and property managers with crucial information that links their preparation efforts and guest reviews. This is yet another example of how cutting-edge technology is facilitating operational excellence and delivering improved guest experiences, raising ratings and increasing bookings.

Across more than 250,000 properties in 80 countries, Breezeway, a platform for managing all the work of upkeep and cleaning short-term rental houses, has assisted thousands of hosts and property managers in providing the best quality hospitality experiences for millions of guests.

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