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British impressions of Canada are revealed by studies by Air Transat.

British impressions of Canada are revealed by studies by Air Transat.

Intriguing insights on Britons’ perceptions of Canada’s most noteworthy exports, ranging from ground-breaking inventions to iconic figures, have been revealed by Air Transat in the wake of a poll.

The study was carried out as part of Air Transat’s brand transformation, which will be unveiled this fall under the new slogan “Where Open Minds Fly.” This is intended to appeal to the more tolerant tourists who have long been drawn to Canada, such as those seeking sensory experiences like music, art, and breathtaking natural beauty as well as outdoor adventure.

The poll, which was performed last month among 2,000 UK adults, aimed to identify any gaps in their understanding about Canada. According to the research, Canada has had a considerable influence on the world stage and has contributed to a wide range of sectors.

Insulin, a revolutionary invention that has revolutionized the treatment of diabetes, was named by Britons as Canada’s top export, closely followed by the life-saving pacemaker. Alkaline batteries and peanut butter rounded up the top five, showcasing the wide influence of Canada on daily life. Maple syrup came in third.

The study also showed that many Britons have a high regard for Canadian celebrities, with well-known individuals like actors Ryan Reynolds and Keanu Reeves, musicians Bryan Adams, and legendary singer Celine Dion winning praise from respondents and demonstrating the global appeal of Canadian talent.

However, the study exposed certain false beliefs held by the British populace. Nearly half (48%) thought Jim Carrey and Pamela Anderson were both Americans, while more than a fifth (22%) misidentified Toronto as Canada’s capital instead of Ottawa.

“Canada has made many remarkable and significant contributions to the world in which we live, and our research has revealed many insights which will help Air Transat engage more effectively with British travelers going forward,” said Sonia Kurek, Commercial Director for Air Transat UK.

62% of respondents cited Canada’s natural beauty as the nation’s most notable quality, making it clear what makes the country special. According to 76% of respondents, the country’s breathtaking beauty is “world-leading,” and it is supplemented by its diversified wildlife (42%), hospitable people (23%), and a wide range of outdoor activities (26%).

While a sizable majority of respondents were familiar with well-known Canadian sites like Niagara Falls, the study revealed ignorance of other national gems including Alberta’s Banff National Park and the Cabot Trail.

Over a quarter (26%) of respondents who hadn’t been to Canada yet said they wanted to go there, ranking it among the top three nations in the world. Nearly half of those who hadn’t been there before (48%) expressed a desire to do so. A third (33%) of those who wish to travel were pondering an outdoor camping getaway in the region’s stunning surroundings, while 26% were contemplating a road trip and 20% were thinking about a city getaway.

Canada is the ideal location for those looking for fresh experiences, Kurek continued. Since we recognize that post-pandemic travel, particularly on lengthy routes, can be intimidating for some, Air Transat is still dedicated to offering a variety of direct flights from the UK to Canada, complete with onboard entertainment and meal service.

Source- Travel daily


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