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Greater than a third of Brits (almost a third) say they place greater priority on enjoying life and prefer to create enduring experiences over spending their money on material objects. almost half of Brits (56%) believe the epidemic impacted their views on travel.
Along with utilising their cash savings, Brits are opting to spend less this summer on takeout (45%), restaurants and drinks out (42%) and apparel and accessories (30%), as well as flying on more affordable airlines.
Nine out of ten British citizens think they will travel more or about the same in 2024, indicating that this emphasis on travel will continue.
According to recent study by easyJet of 2,000 British people, vacations abroad are more important to Britons than ever, despite the high expense of living.

According to new research, Brits are not only not being deterred from taking vacations by the economy but are instead giving travel even higher priority than before.

The Worth of the Holiday

Despite the rising expense of living, more than half of Brits (57%) believe they will always safeguard their summer vacation. According to recent study, individuals (45%) need something to look forward to when they travel, and 37% need a break from their regular routines at home and at work.

Due of this, eighty percent (80%) of Brits stated they will still travel this summer. Two-thirds (74%) of British tourists will travel to Europe this summer, with Spain (23%), Greece (9%) and France (5%) being the most popular countries.

Despite rising living expenses, research shows that the majority of Britons (87%) will spend more or roughly the same amount on vacations this year as they did last year. Many Brits place a high value on having time off (42%) and think that creating memories is more essential than anything else (37%).

Trends after Pandemics

The epidemic, according to 56% of Brits, has altered their perceptions of travel, with 35% saying they now place a higher importance on having fun.

Brits said they used to take travel for granted but now want to take advantage of it because of the pandemic restrictions—nearly one in three (30%).

Due to this, almost a quarter (23%) report that they are travelling even more than they were before the epidemic, with half (48%) stating that they now place a higher value on experiences than on material possessions. More over half (46%) say they need more time away from their routines, and nearly as many (39%) say they want to make up for the years they weren’t able to travel.

In fact, 47% of Brits saved throughout the epidemic and are now utilising that funds to fund their vacation.

Protecting the summer break

Eighty two percent (82%) of Brits are already cutting back on expenses like takeout (45%), dinners and drinks out (42%), and apparel and accessories (30%) in order to secure their summer vacation.

If given the option, Brits would rather spend their money on a summer vacation (66%) than on home improvements (49%), a new car (39%) or a home office (16%).

Nearly half (45%) of Brits will be more likely to book flights with a low-cost carrier than they were prior to the epidemic. Additionally, more than two thirds of vacationers are travelling more affordably this year (65%), choosing more affordable hotels and resorts (27%) and more than two thirds (65%) of Americans are doing the same.

Johan Lundgren, CEO, stated:

“For many, the summer vacation has traditionally been the best time of the year since it allows people and families to travel, unwind, and create lifetime memories.

Travel is now once again highly valued and the top priority for household discretionary spending as a result of the epidemic. Travel appears to be more vital than ever, with more customers choosing airlines like EasyJet that guarantee the best value, rather than the cost of living reducing demand.


Nine out of ten British citizens predict they will travel more or about the same in 2024, indicating that this concentration on travel will continue in the coming year.

Source: breakingtravelnews

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