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CEO of major travel company announces 2023 will be his final year in top job

CEO of major travel company announces 2023 will be his final year in top job

Following six years in the top position, a worldwide search is under way to recruit a new CEO for one of Australia’s busiest airports.

After Geoff Culbert said he will step down as CEO of Australia’s main airport, a global hunt for a replacement is already under way.

Mr. Culbert has indicated 2023 will be his last year in that position after almost six years at the top.

In order to guarantee a smooth transition, Mr. Culbert assumed the top position in January 2018 and intends to stay in it through the end of the year.

Mr. Culbert oversaw the airport through a “unique period of challenge” brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak while he was in charge.

through the epidemic, he reorganised Sydney Airport and ran it while managing and advocating for it through one of the largest privatisations of a public firm in Australia.

After the pandemic limitations were lifted, Mr. Culbert also guided the company through a rapid increase in activity and passenger numbers at the airport.

After being grounded in 2020, Sydney Airport has nearly fully recovered, according to the CEO, making the end of 2023 the ideal moment to retire.

Since 2018, Mr. Culbert has served as the leading domestic and international airport in Australia. Working with such a superb team during an unusual and hard time in the airport’s history has been an honour, he added.

The ideal moment, according to him, to choose a new CEO to “lead the airport through the next phase” will be by the end of 2023.

“Sydney Airport has been part of the social and economic fabric of Sydney and NSW for more than 100 years, and I’m confident it will continue to play a crucial role for the next hundred,” he added.

David Gonski, the chair of Sydney Airport, praised Mr. Culbert for his leadership throughout the upsetting time.

He said that the business was “enormously appreciative” of Mr. Culbert’s “skilled leadership”.

“This includes managing the airport through the pandemic when traffic was devastated by border closures, the recent rapid recovery, and dealing with the largest take-private transaction in Australian corporate history,” Mr. Gonski remarked.

“As a leader, Geoff also created a fantastic team and culture that will last for a very long time. Geoff’s decision to continue on until the end of the year will allow us to undertake a worldwide search and ensure a seamless transition to a new CEO, so we are happy about that.

In 2018, Mr. Culbert accepted the position of chief executive of Sydney Airport. Prior to that, he spent over 15 years in key positions at General Electric.


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