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Club Med is pleased to take its commitment to sustainability seriously

Club Med is pleased to take its commitment to sustainability seriously

Sustainability has always been ingrained in the Club Med DNA since its foundation in 1950. Club Med, which invented luxury all-inclusive travel, has a firm conviction that the moments of delight it offers its guests cannot be obtained at the expense of other people or the environment. Club Med will serve as a catalyst in promoting sustainable tourism to lessen environmental effect and boost social impact as part of Green Week in June 2023, which will mark the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day.


There will be daily demonstrations of Club Med’s work towards a more sustainable future based on a particular environmental theme during this week-long presentation of the company’s innovative green projects in various Resorts throughout East, South Asia, and the Pacific. Examples of such subjects include, but are not limited to, plastics, biodiversity, solidarity, regional culture, and food waste. In terms of plastics, the exhibition will include Mini Clean-ups by young visitors as part of the kids club activities as well as beach and mountain clean-ups throughout Club Med’s sun and winter locations globally. Activities particular to each resort will be unveiled to promote biodiversity, such as a global snack initiative, a local cooking demonstration class, making bird feeders out of fruit shells, a workshop using coral clay in Bali, a marine biologist conference in Kani, and an upcycling fashion show in Phuket.


The programme evolved into Happy to Care in 2019, reflecting Club Med’s long-standing commitment to sustainable tourism, from the establishment of the Club Med Foundation in 1979 and the first Sustainable Development Department in 2005 to the merger of the Sustainable Development Department and Club Med Foundation to form the Sustainable Development and Philanthropy Department in 2014. The programme is built on three main tenets: environmental stewardship to preserve the exceptional natural settings in which its resorts are located; to make a lasting and positive impact in the communities in which Club Med operates; and to offer visitors memorable and sustainable vacation experiences.

“The Club Med brand principles have always included sustainability as a fundamental strategic pillar. According to Rachael Harding, CEO of Club Med in East, South Asia, and the Pacific markets, “We believe that we have an inherent responsibility to respect the communities and natural environment in which our resorts are located.” As we advance, we hope to “strengthen this vision, deepen sentiments for more socially responsible business decisions, and ignite a collective spark among guests, employees, and partners to embrace Club Med’s commitment to global sustainable tourism.”

Source: traveldailymedia

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