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Customers can enjoy selected plant-forward culinary delights on Cathay Pacific flights.

Customers can enjoy selected plant-forward culinary delights on Cathay Pacific flights.

Customers of Cathay Pacific may now enjoy a fresh menu of plant-based meals created in partnership with VEDA by Ovolo, a well-known plant-forward restaurant in Hong Kong. The wellness dining alternatives that consumers have when they fly with Cathay Pacific are further improved by this creative alliance. On a number of long-haul flights leaving from Hong Kong, passengers in Premium Economy and Economy classes may now choose from a dizzying array of mouthwatering, meticulously prepared plant-forward alternatives that place an emphasis on nutrition and flavor while honoring global culinary traditions.

Additionally, the partnership supports VEDA and Ovolo Hotels’ continuous Plant’d commitment to ethical eating, mindful dining, and cutting-edge vegetarianism, with the group becoming the first hotel brand in the world to make such a commitment.

It gives us great pleasure to announce this new relationship with VEDA, a Hong Kong restaurant that shares our dedication to provide wonderful cuisine while also being more environmentally friendly, said Cathay Pacific General Manager of Customer Experience and Design Vivian Lo.“Cathay believes that the devil is in the details. We meticulously work with partners to deliver our clients remarkable experiences because we know how important in-flight eating is to them. To do this, we carefully source products, create menus, and prepare meals with great attention to detail.

“We have worked with VEDA and Ovolo Hotels Executive Chef Raul Tronco to develop a reimagined selection of plant-forward creations that reflect our brand values of thoughtful and progressive, and go beyond the norms of airline vegetarian meals,” the statement reads. “We drew inspiration from the breadth and variety of VEDA’s dishes.”

Girish Jhunjhnuwala, the founder and executive chairman of Ovolo Hotels, said: “VEDA and Ovolo Hotels take great satisfaction in being an industry leader. We keep evolving because we think the world is constantly changing.

“We want to make sure we’re doing our part to protect the environment, encourage a healthy diet, and promote the fantastic vegetarian and plant-based cuisine. In line with this credo, our Plant’d pledge, and our larger “Do Good. Feel Good” sustainability commitment, our partnership with Cathay Pacific is ideal.

“As a vegetarian, I am very excited to see companies like Cathay Pacific embrace wellness and sustainability,” said executive chef Raul Tronco. I treated each meal when I started my adventure the same way I would while making anything for VEDA.

“Creating a meal that can be appreciated at 30,000 feet has certain difficulties. I had to think about everything, including cooking methods and how altitude affects taste senses. I’m incredibly happy with the outcome after numerous hours of recipe testing, and I’m sure that the specially selected VEDA in-flight meals will please passengers with their diversity, vibrancy, and amazing flavor.

In order to provide upscale dining experiences, Cathay Pacific is continually enhancing its operations with sustainable practices as it works to become a more sustainable airline. The airline aims to give customers a more sustainable eating experience by investigating plant-forward substitutes and working toward more environmentally responsible resource use in its catering equipment. This will inspire them to go greener together. The airline reduced its use of single-use plastics by 56% in 2022 compared to the baseline year of 2018.

The partnership with VEDA heralds the start of a string of updated services for clients, from drinks to in-flight meals. Other interesting upgrades to the in-flight meal experience in Premium Economy and Economy class will be introduced by Cathay Pacific soon.

Source- Travel daily

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