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DidaTravel outperforms the revival of the Chinese hotel sector.

DidaTravel outperforms the revival of the Chinese hotel sector.

With a stunning +40% gain in hotel sales year to date compared to pre-pandemic, 2019 sales (+292% growth comparing the same period, 2022) DidaTravel has surpassed the broader Chinese outbound rebound.

Additionally, DidaTravel’s inbound hotel sales into China year to date have shown a spectacular +124% growth compared to the same period in 2019. This demonstrates Dida’s capacity to outperform market dynamics and gain sizable new market share, as well as China’s ongoing appeal as a tourism destination.

Given that the China market, both inbound and outbound, has not yet fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels, DidaTravel’s achievement is all the more astounding.

According to DidaTravel’s booking statistics, the top 10 source markets for travelers to China in 2023 were, in descending order: Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, India, Turkey, UAE, Brazil, Israel, USA, and Switzerland.

DidaTravel’s ability to outperform the competition has been primarily fueled by its capacity to increase its portfolio of directly contracted hotel products under unique terms and conditions, gain market share in China and abroad, and concentrate on tech-driven, customer-centric innovation.

DidaTravel’s founder and CEO, Rikin Wu, commented on these ground-breaking accomplishments, saying, “Dida’s success story is intricately connected with the growing storyline of the Chinese travel business. We worked assiduously throughout the pandemic to significantly expand our portfolio of directly contracted hotels, many under exclusive terms, as well as working tirelessly to expand our distribution partnerships globally, and the results speak for themselves. We effectively anticipated the Chinese recovery, both inbound and outbound. We never waver in our commitment to quality and consider it an honor to steer the sector in the right direction.

Source- Travel daily

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