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Dream VacationsCruiseOne celebrates record-breaking group sales thanks to new technology

Dream Vacations/CruiseOne celebrates record-breaking group sales thanks to new technology

2023 Group Summit highlights include new group applications and network success.

FLORIDA’S FORT LAUDERDALE – Leading travel agency franchise Dream Vacations/CruiseOne reports record-breaking group sales for the first half of 2023. Compared to the same period last year, the business has sold more affinity groups this year. This outstanding accomplishment may be credited to the revolutionary new groups application, which provides franchise owners with unmatched success.

Franchise owners can manage group reservations completely differently thanks to the unique group application that Dream Vacations/CruiseOne launched in February. The booking process has been made simpler by the streamlined and user-friendly website, allowing franchise owners to concentrate on what they do best—providing exceptional experiences to their clients.

Drew Daly, senior vice president and general manager of Dream Vacations/CruiseOne, stated, “We are thrilled to see how much of a difference-maker the new groups application is on our franchise owners’ group sales.” “Our dedication to innovation and providing our franchise owners with the most cutting-edge tools and technology to take their group business to the next level is reflected in the success of the new application,” says the company.

During the most recent two-day virtual group summit for Dream Vacations/CruiseOne travel advisers, this outstanding accomplishment was honoured. The event attracted more than 200 franchise owners and employees from throughout the nation, who gained priceless knowledge and useful advice to help them take their group sales to new heights. The summit offered guests the chance to hear directly from suppliers and headquarters personnel through interesting presentations and breakout sessions. There were several noteworthy workshops, such as “How to Negotiate with Group Leaders and Create the Win-Win Relationship,” “New Marketing Group Assets,” “Unravelling the Mysteries of Group Contracts to Reduce Risk and Maximise Success,” “Managing Group Communication,” and “Top 10 Tips for the New Groups Application.”

  • The Dream Vacations/CruiseOne marketing team made a number of noteworthy announcements during the summit. Franchise owners may now benefit from the following marketing tools to boost their group sales even more.
  • Personalised Group Registration Landing Page Graphics: Design a unique landing page that features your groups. You may use ready-made banners or make and upload your own to give users a polished and alluring experience.
  • Professionally designed email and landing page templates make it simple for franchise owners to develop enticing and successful marketing campaigns.
  • Homepage and Email Banners: Appealing banners that may be added to franchise owners’ websites and emails to advertise group travel options and pique interest among clients.
  • Using a specially created postcard, franchise owners may connect with potential group leaders and highlight the advantages of booking group travel via Dream Vacations/CruiseOne.
  • Social media posts: Franchise owners may use them to broaden their audience, entice new group leaders, and advertise their proficiency in organising exceptional group holidays.

Franchise owners were enthralled by the summit’s real-life success tales. “Every minute I spent at the Group Summit was worthwhile. According to Lillie West, a franchise owner for Dream Vacations in Waldorf, Maryland, “the variety of topics from suppliers and staff members answered a lot of questions that I needed answered to scale my business.” I now feel confident to venture out and take on more group business thanks to the groups application and the group summit.

The forthcoming June 13–14 second annual Marketing Summit is scheduled as part of the 2023 Dream Vacations/CruiseOne Training and Events calendar. Franchise owners may learn cutting-edge marketing techniques at this event to help their companies succeed even more.

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