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Eco-Adventures on Thailand's Unexplored Koh Lanta

Eco-Adventures on Thailand’s Unexplored Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta, an island off the coast of Thailand, is a slice of heaven. This unusual location, which is blessed with lush, jungle-covered hills, lovely beaches, and crystal-clear oceans, realizes every traveler’s fantasy of a tropical island paradise. Koh Lanta is significantly less visited by visitors than neighbouring islands like Phuket or Koh Phi Phi, but it nevertheless has a genuinely authentic atmosphere and culture.

Experience-seeking visitors can take advantage of extremely opulent and environmentally conscious getaways at Pimalai Resort & Spa, the natural five-star retreat hidden in 100 acres of lush, native forest on Koh Lanta. This charming resort has worked hard to protect the environment and uplift the community ever since it was originally weaved into Koh Lanta’s coastline landscape 21 years ago. It is now asking select travelers to go on a journey with it that is sustainable.


Monkeys, monitor lizards, eagles, and hornbills can be observed in the trees at Pimalai, which is also home to a wide variety of marine species. As part of its dedication to protecting the marine environment, the resort recently assisted in the release of 50 endangered turtles and millions of crabs into the Andaman Sea. Visitors can also participate in frequent beach cleaning events to maintain the beachfront and nearby islands litter-free.

Although Pimalai does not allow motorized water activities, there are several free options for experiencing the ocean’s waves, including windsurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Koh Lanta is a top snorkeling spot as well, and Pimalai is committed to maintaining the health of the offshore reefs through coral propagation programs, the most recent of which takes place this month, and the introduction of a new coral restoration instructor course. Explorers can also visit breathtaking locations that are teeming with colorful water life, such as huge schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, sharks, and rays, on PADI-certified scuba diving excursions.


Travelers can set out on sustainable, small-scale trips to far-off, exotic islands. While the “Koh Ngai & Emerald Cave” itinerary offers the chance to explore an amazing limestone cave that shimmers and shines, swim in a stunning hidden lagoon, and relax on a pristine beach, the “Koh Haa Sunset” trip showcases an incredible collection of limestone islets that enclose a brilliant aquamarine lagoon, a technicolor reef, and a pure white beach. In addition, the “Talabeng + Koh Lanta Old Town” tour reveals the dramatic limestone karsts and cliffs of Koh Talabeng island before arriving at Koh Lanta’s Old Town, a charming port with more than 100 years of history. The “Mangroves Tour” transports visitors into a lush coastal forest where wildlife abounds.


Visitors can rest easy knowing that Pimalai has a zero-waste food policy. As part of a number of “reuse, reduce, and recycle” initiatives, extra organic food is utilized to fertilize the resort’s plants. Thai Princess Sirindhorn developed the “Little Scientist House” program, which invites youngsters from nearby schools to acquire scientific concepts. Pimalai also provides three- to six-month internships for Thai students, with the possibility of future employment. The Pimalai resort’s “Our People = Our Family” philosophy, which has guided resort operations from its inception, includes a commitment to the local community.


Back at the resort, visitors can unwind in style in a selection of 121 roomy suites and villas, plunge into shimmering infinity pools that seem suspended in the jungle canopy, indulge in soothing treatments at the renowned Pimalai Spa, play tennis on full-size courts, or take part in immersive activities like Thai cooking classes, yoga, muay thai, cycling, fitness, and more. Rak Talay, a beachfront restaurant specializing in fresh Andaman seafood, Seven Seas, a stunning international fine-dining establishment perched on a hillside overlooking the bay, Spice & Rice, a remarkably authentic Thai eatery, and The Banyan Tree Poolside Café, which offers light fare and refreshments during the day, are four of the world’s most luxurious dining establishments.

“Our company’s founder, Khun Anurat Tiyaphorn, fell in love at first sight with this beautiful piece of property in the 1990s. Pimalai was established with the intention of protecting the environment and bringing advantages to the local community since, according to Chinese feng shui concept, “a house leaning against the mountains and facing waters can bring good luck for people living in it.” Our multinational clients, who need to know that they are making a difference, are people with whom we are proud to share that vision. Every visitor to Pimalai can relax knowing that they are doing their part to protect the environment and the local population while simultaneously taking a magnificent holiday in paradise, according to Pimalai’s general manager, Brice Borin.

Source- Travel daily

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