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Elcome expands internationally by opening a new office in Canada.

Elcome expands internationally by opening a new office in Canada.

Elcome International, a provider of maritime systems and services, has opened a new office in Vancouver, Canada, to accommodate the rising demand for its services throughout the nation and the greater North American continent. Elcome has its first footprint in North America at the Vancouver facility.

Elcome’s Managing Director, Jimmy Grewal, gave an explanation of the expansion’s motivation: “From Vancouver, we can serve all of Canada’s maritime sectors, including cruise, merchant marine, leisure marine, offshore, and navy. For the large range of goods and services we provide, there are many opportunities in North America.

Elcome’s field service team has already shown us a tonne of support from our manufacturing partners who want to improve local after-sales assistance for their goods, he said. A variety of solutions, including integrated navigation systems, connectivity, communications, and automation systems, charts and publications, power management and electrical systems, monitoring solutions, fire safety systems, and life-saving appliances, will be made available to the North American markets through Elcome’s Vancouver office with the help of the company’s international network of technicians and service engineers.

For all varieties of maritime and offshore assets, Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency broadband Internet service is also included in the area of delivery. According to Grewal, “Vancouver is a significant marine hub, drawing in hundreds of passenger and cargo ships every year. Vancouver also has a burgeoning shipbuilding and repair industry, which is now fully backed by a local group of knowledgeable, qualified Elcome specialists.

The new sales and service centre, which is close to the Port of Vancouver, is a part of Elcome’s larger development strategy, which got underway in 2020 when the company, which has its headquarters in Dubai, started doing business in Spain.

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