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Emirates Expands Preordering of Inflight Meals Throughout Europe

Emirates Expands Preordering of Inflight Meals Throughout Europe

Emirates has expanded its in-flight meal preordering service to include flights to and from European cities like Warsaw, Venice, Rome, Bologna, Prague, Vienna, Moscow, Istanbul, Dublin, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Brussels, and Madrid, as well as Seychelles and Mauritius, as a result of the initiative’s successful launch on UK routes and the favorable feedback from passengers.

In the upcoming months, the effort will be expanded to encompass additional international locations. With the new service, Business Class passengers can select their main dish 14 days to 24 hours before to takeoff, ensuring they always get their preferred pick and minimizing food waste.

Visitors can browse the onboard menu on or the Emirates app up to a fortnight before their trip to choose from a variety of regionally inspired dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Emirates invites passengers to enjoy a fantastic dining experience in the sky.

You can order chef-prepared meals in Business Class, including breakfast options like chocolate hazelnut pancakes with apricot compote and ricotta sour cream, lunch options like beef tenderloin with thyme jus, roasted potato wedges, and steamed vegetables, and dinner options like pan-fried salmon trout with saffron cream, blanched green beans, braised beets, and polenta with spring onions.

The flight’s cabin crew will utilize their electronic devices to access the preordered menu and serve the passenger’s selected meals. The addition of meal preordering to Emirates’ current collection of AI-enabled consumer monitoring data and cabin crew reports makes it easier to plan menus, load food efficiently, and reduce waste.

Emirates places a strong emphasis on innovation and technologically enabled travel. In addition to digital boarding passes and itinerary management, access to digital in-flight menus, simple Skywards sign-up for immediate free Wi-Fi messaging onboard, and playlist curation for in-flight entertainment prior to a flight all complement the preordering meal service.

Source- Travel daily

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