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Extensive refit planned for South Africa's Phinda Forest Lodge

Extensive refit planned for South Africa’s Phinda Forest Lodge

The famed Phinda Forest Lodge in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal area is undergoing a thorough renovation by the luxury tourism business AndBeyond, which has a strong emphasis on conservation. Renovations and major structural additions will be part of the drastic change.

A new family suite, a library, a lounge, a walkway with a fire pit in the middle, a remodelled tiered pool and improved dining and bar spaces are all included in the lodge’s amenities. AndBeyond has engaged the help of interior designers Fox Browne Creative and architectural designer Jack Alexander to update the lodge. Their goal is to redesign the lodge while preserving its valued charm and causing the least amount of disturbance to the fragile sand forest ecosystem. They must optimise room flow and functioning.

The nearby sand woodland served as the basis for the new interior design, which also incorporates aspects of Japanese minimalism and pays respect to Zulu culture.

The resort was built in the early 1990s, according to AndBeyond’s managing director for South Africa, Kevin Pretorius. “Back then, the lodge’s innovative and progressive design made a huge statement on sustainability, as it was sensitively constructed within the ancient sand forest with minimum impact at the heart of the project,” the author added.

On December 1st, Phinda Forest Lodge will reopen its doors. Tourists may anticipate that the new resort will provide distinctive and engaging encounters focused on wildlife protection and regional culture. Activities will concentrate on protecting endangered animals like rhinoceroses and pangolins, as well as providing a tour of a Zulu village for a true cultural immersion.

Source: travelweekly

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