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Fairmont Maldives and Global Green Journeys collaborate

Fairmont Maldives and Global Green Journeys collaborate

A private island resort called Fairmont Maldives, Sirru Fen Fushi, located in the pristine Shaviyani Atoll, is a shining example of how luxury and sustainability can coexist together. With a new relationship with Global Green Journeys, the resort has increased its sustainability initiatives as part of its everlasting dedication to environmental responsibility and conservation.

Global Green Journeys is an initiative that promotes scalable and sustainable methods for broad adoption while increasing awareness of effective global solutions. The team’s goal is to highlight various initiatives and actions that are catalysing progress towards social, environmental, and economic sustainability. The Fairmont Maldives can develop, promote, and put into action more effective sustainability programming for a greener future thanks to this exciting relationship, which perfectly complements the resort’s fundamental values and vision.

The pilot project, which is a component of the cooperation, focuses on the epidemic of plastic pollution and the technology created by Precious Plastic to address plastic recycling and produce broader socioeconomic advantages for the nearby communities. The project will offer special insight into the property’s on-site Sustainability Lab, the first resort-based recycling facility in the Maldives, and eventually add to a global dialogue on the significance of sustainability. Two celebrities visited the island resort as part of the pilot project to create custom goods out of recycled plastic and take part in a variety of eco-inspired activities, including a trip to a nearby school that helps divert plastic waste to the lab and is a part of the resort’s CSR School Education programme, which aims to motivate the next generation to live more sustainably.

As a result of its commitment to environmentally friendly operations and growth, Fairmont Maldives is the first Fairmont resort in the world to get the coveted Green Globe certification. The resort is the crowning glory of the idyllic island hideaway, and it has the longest infinity pool in the Maldives, which leads visitors to the Coralarium, which is home to a mesmerising underwater art installation by renowned eco-artist Jason deCaires Taylor and the nation’s first coral regeneration project in the form of a gallery. The resort’s 120 opulent villas offer a seamless fusion of stylish, understated, Maldivian rustic charm, whether on the white sand beach, amidst the lush island jungle, or perched above the shimmering seas of the Indian Ocean.

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