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 FCM Meetings & Events debuts internationally

 FCM Meetings & Events debuts internationally

Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) flagship division, FCM Meetings & Events (FCM M&E), which has long been a leader in the industry, has announced a global expansion of the company. Simone Seiler, an expert in the field, will take on the position of global general manager to oversee the expansion’s lofty goals and unite all of the M&E businesses around the world. 

Seiler is a seasoned travel industry executive with over 20 years of experience who is enthusiastic about the business events industry. As the global leader assisting in-market business leaders, Seiler brings her global perspective and local understanding to dozens of nations and partner networks.

According to a recent white paper* by FCM M&E, the MICE market size in terms of revenue is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6 percent from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD1563.3 billion by 2030. Events, event travel, and meetings are driving the business travel recovery globally.

“We believe there is a global opportunity for disruption in the meetings, events, and event travel areas. With this investment, we’re in a good position to take advantage of the exponentially increasing demand for high-quality, customized event experiences, said Seiler.

With recent research showing conferences and events as one of the top two reasons for travel among SME owners and decision-makers, it is evident that the desire for in-person connection is continuing to rise. The enthusiasm and participation we are witnessing are really promising, and this is something that has been and still is felt on a worldwide scale.

We have a brilliant and diversified FCM M&E leadership team in important markets throughout the world, and they are truly excited about the chance to improve our MICE offering for both potential and current clients.

The announcement marks an important turning point for FCM M&E, a company that already has a substantial presence in numerous nations on several continents. The company is dedicated to giving its clients distinctive and memorable experiences while adhering to the larger FCTG “glocal” philosophy.

“What’s particularly exciting is just how big the MICE industry is globally, and we know we have an incredible opportunity to both grow and position ourselves as the travel management company of choice for meetings, events, and event travel,” Seiler stated.

“Demand for in-person meetings is increasing at a consistent yearly growth rate of 12% year over year, which means we have some interesting opportunities ahead of us.

“We’re excited to start this new chapter for FCM M&E, and with an incredibly talented team worldwide, I’m very confident we can accomplish our challenging objectives.”

The M&E division, according to Marcus Eklund, managing director of FCM worldwide, is the industry sector’s not-so-secret crown gem, and its increase reflects the rise in worldwide in-person demand.

“FCM is a business that is proudly global, with a footprint in more than 100 countries worldwide, but we stay loyal to our mantra of our ‘glocal’ approach where we have industry experts leading their own regional teams to cater for different cultural requirements,” said Eklund.

“The M&E industry has been booming for the past 18 months, and there is tremendous room for expansion.  We couldn’t be in a better position to take advantage of industries that are yearning to resume face-to-face interaction thanks to our cutting-edge technology and decades of combined industry knowledge within our teams.

“According to recent GBTA* study, more than eight out of ten CEOs prefer in-person meetings to virtual contact, and we have clearly noticed this trend recently.

“I’d also like to extend my congratulations to Simone, who has long been an integral part of our M&E business. Her appointment is the ideal illustration of the “Brightness of Future” that FCTG provides to its employees.”

FCM Meetings & Events is dedicated to expanding both its local and global reach in this industry.  The company intends to concentrate on three key areas, including the creation of novel technological solutions and investing in more expertise.

Meetings: Offer several different meeting services, including as venue sourcing, managed meetings, fundamental planning, and on-site assistance.

Event travel: Provide group travel services, including lodging, transfers, and team-building exercises.

Complete event management services, including planning, strategies, implementation, and delivery, are offered.

Source- Travel daily

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