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FIFA Women's Football Convention to be held in Sydney in 2023

FIFA Women’s Football Convention to be held in Sydney in 2023

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023TM, which concludes with the final in Sydney, has been given Sydney the right to host the second edition of the FIFA Women’s Football Convention from August 18–19, 2023.

The FIFA Women’s Football Convention, which takes place at the International Convention Centre Sydney, will welcome 1,000 delegates over the course of two days and is expected to contribute $1.2 million to the NSW economy. They will discuss the evolution of women’s football with football industry experts while showcasing best practices to further spur the expansion of the women’s game worldwide.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, commented on the news, saying: “Women’s football is developing at a great time. The second FIFA Women’s Football Convention will be held at Sydney’s renowned International Convention Centre on August 18–19 in order to maintain the momentum created by the greatest-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup, which is breaking records on a daily basis.

This Convention comes after the first one, which was held in France in 2019. But it is amazing to watch how far women’s football has come in just four years, supported by FIFA’s targeted funding through a global epidemic. To ensure that the historic accomplishments we are making in Australia and New Zealand are used to further advance the sport, as well as to ensure that this tournament not only motivates a new generation of female football players but also enables a new generation of leaders, I am looking forward to joining friends and colleagues from around the world of women’s football.

“We can already say with confidence that this tournament is a gamechanger for women’s football,” said FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura. The crowds, the energy, and the caliber of the football we’ve already witnessed have been outstanding. At the Second FIFA Women’s Football Convention, which will be held on August 18–19, I am looking forward to reflecting on that accomplishment and making another significant step toward building on it.

The second Women’s Football Convention, which follows the initial gathering in 2019, has received invitations from FIFA’s 211 member associations as well as other international partners. The evolution of the women’s game, the social advantages of football for women and girls, and the good effects it can have on female empowerment will be the main topics of discussion during the Convention.

According to NSW Minister for Jobs and Tourism, the Hon. John Graham, this is the largest women’s sport competition in history. Locals and visitors from NSW have been showing up in record numbers to cheer on their teams at all of the games planned in Sydney.

“The city is ready to continue celebrating women’s sport by hosting the FIFA Women’s Football Convention after hosting the Women’s World Cup.”

“While the FIFA Women’s World Cup has been an incredible event to entertain global audiences and showcase women’s sporting excellence, the FIFA Women’s Football Convention 2023 in Sydney is where advancements in the business and the human sides of the world game will be made, creating a legacy to embrace, educate, and empower women around the world through football,” said BESydney CEO Lyn Lewis-Smith. Additionally, it gives Sydney the chance to highlight the sporting prowess of NSW and its capacity to host both the FIFA Women’s Football Convention and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023.

The FIFA Women’s Football Convention will feature a range of renowned and accomplished speakers from around the world who have been hand-picked for their role in enabling women and girls to realize their potential in football, sport, and society.

Source- Travel daily

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