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From June 2024, Cordelia Cruises Intends To Sail To Ports In West Asia Cordelia Cruises, 

From June 2024, Cordelia Cruises Intends To Sail To Ports In West Asia Cordelia Cruises, 

Operated by Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt. Ltd., is expanding its itinerary to include significant ports in West Asia.

Jurgen Bailom, President & CEO of Waterways Leisure Tourism, said that the cruise line will now include ports in Oman, UAE, the entire Gulf region, Qatar, and Bahrain from Mumbai after beginning international sailings from Chennai to three coasts in Sri Lanka.

By providing three, four, five, and seven-night packages for journeys from Mumbai to West Asia in addition to the five-night package currently offered to Sri Lanka, Cordelia Cruises hopes to provide Indian tourists additional options. These packages would cost between INR 11,000 to INR 13,000 per person per day.

By choosing to run foreign routes, Bailom demonstrated the organization’s long-term vision and commitment to advancing India’s maritime tourist sector. Over 400,000 individuals have taken cruises on Cordelia Cruises since September 2021, he observed, and the number of Indian tourists has been rising since the cruise line’s start. This contains 70,000 annual East Coast visitors and 130,000 West Coast passengers.

The CEO also said that pre-pandemic levels of travel around the world had been surpassed, and that India and Southeast Asia have strong tourist potential. In order to take advantage of this growth potential, Cordelia Cruises aims to buy a few ships that are bigger than Cordelia in the near future. Each ship is expected to cost roughly INR 500 crore, and the money will come from internal accruals.

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