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Hahn Air evolves to drive change

Hahn Air evolves to drive change

For businesses wishing to advance their creative concepts, airline distribution supplier Hahn Air is setting up an innovation node. The Research & Development Division, under the direction of Executive VP Mathieu Montmessin, is asking startups and business leaders to propose their concepts, create a proof of concept (POC), or work together to create innovation concepts under the banner of “Innovation at Hahn Air.”

The Hahn Air Research & Development Department has been investigating trends, assessing new technologies, and creating new revenue streams for the Hahn Air product line since its foundation in 2019. The team’s knowledge will be made available to businesses working on original concepts and unconventional solutions that may have an influence on the travel sector through innovation at Hahn Air.

According to Mathieu Montmessin, innovation is all about teamwork, imagination, and daring. “In order to attract potential partners who are interested in learning, growing their business, and promoting innovation, we are introducing Innovation at Hahn Air. Domain expertise and a wealth of experience from several proof-of-concept initiatives will assist innovation at Hahn Air. Together, we want to have a big impact on our partners and ultimately develop travel-related innovative projects.

The Hahn Air Research & Development Department is presently working on the following projects:

  • Blockchain: By joining forces with Chain4Travel as a node validator, Hahn Air is gaining insight into the world of blockchain technology.
  • NFT: By closely collaborating with TravelX, Hahn Air is developing a POC to comprehend the benefits and potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as an airline distribution strategy.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Natural language processing (NLP) is being used by Hahn Air’s AI-chatbot on Facebook Messenger to improve communication with travelers and travel brokers.
  • Big Data: Hahn Air is utilizing machine learning models and a range of data sources, such as human mobility, prices, timetables, and events, to aid in its decision-making and forecasting processes.
  • Travel Distribution: To get ready for impending change and disruption in the industry’s distribution environment, Hahn Air is closelycollaborating with deep tech game changer distribution.

By gathering and exchanging bitcoins, the team is also investigating the feasibility of loyalty programmes with infinite transferability.

Source: traveldailymedia

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