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Hong Kong Tourism Board names Perceptions Inc. and Ogilvy anew as PR Agency in the Philippines and Malaysia

Hong Kong Tourism Board names Perceptions Inc. and Ogilvy anew as PR Agency in the Philippines and Malaysia

Hong Kong makes a comeback as a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia with the successful launch of “Hello Hong Kong” and the free ticket giveaway campaign.

HONG KONG Perceptions, Inc. and Ogilvy have been reappointed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) Southeast Asia Office as its PR agencies in the Philippines and Malaysia, respectively, for the ensuing two years.

Since the two agencies have been working with HKTB, the city has remained one of its target market’s favourite travel destinations. Raymond Chan, Regional Director of Southeast Asia at HKTB, stated that “at the height of the pandemic, their PR expertise shone all the more brightly, helping us cut through the clutter and maintain global visibility.” In addition, he listed the agencies’ “strong strategic thinking, proven history of positive media relations, and agility in executing plans” as justifications for the renewed collaboration.

Hong Kong has had a flurry of recent tourism-related initiatives in the past three years, including the creation of the West Kowloon Cultural District, which includes M+ and the Hong Kong Palace Museum, among others. “We are happy to see a return of tourists from Malaysia and the Philippines to Hong Kong. I am convinced that they will enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation experience to Asia’s World City with the help of our PR partners, Chan continued.

With the successful introduction of “Hello Hong Kong” and the free ticket giveaway campaign, HK makes a comeback as a key travel destination in Southeast Asia. With the help of Perceptions and Ogilvy, HK even won the Gold award for Best Regional PR in SEA and Bronze awards for Best PR-led Integrated Communications and Best Use of Social Media at the recently held PR Asia 2023 Awards. Let’s just say that Hong Kong’s tourist industry has been expanding steadily and expects to reach a record number of visitors later this year.

Perceptions, whose contract with HKTB is being renewed for a third time, will continue to support efforts to effectively raise awareness of Hong Kong among Filipinos while also fostering positive relationships with media outlets that will eventually result in a wider audience for the tales Hong Kong has to tell.

Noel Rene Nieva, president and chief executive officer of Perceptions, stated, “It is a great honour to be navigating HK’s recovery plans and forming the next chapter for HKTB’s successful Hello Hong Kong campaign. Perceptions is as committed as HKTB to make every trip in Hong Kong unique, valuable, and superior to any other travel experience Filipinos have had or will have, he continued, noting that “revenge travel” is a trend that is now popular.

Ogilvy, on the other hand, will concentrate immediately on helping HKTB by displaying the city’s preparedness and eagerness to welcome Malaysians back to one of their favourite neighbouring places. Riding the wave of the success of “Hello Hong Kong”‘s debut, Ogilvy will do so.

The HKTB has once again trusted Ogilvy to continue making Malaysians care about Hong Kong, especially during this pivotal time in the city’s rebirth. When we began working with HKTB at the beginning of the pandemic, we had our job cut out for us. We are overjoyed to have the next two years to completely implement the several initiatives that were delayed. We are driven by a single goal: to support Hong Kong’s recovery as a top travel destination for all Malaysians. Part of this effort includes raising Muslim-friendliness awareness, a crucial growth driver for the city’s tourism industry, according to Sunita Kanapathy, Head of Public Relations at Ogilvy Malaysia.

Source: traveldailynews

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