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 Hotel101 establishes a global corporate office and sales base in Singapore

Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of DoubleDragon Corporation, has formally opened and started operating both its global corporate office and global sales hub in Singapore.

For Hotel101 Global Pte Ltd’s global corporate headquarters, DoubleDragon has acquired a premium office space on the 4th floor of PLUS Building, 20 Cecil Street in the center of Raffles Place in Singapore. On the ground floor of the PLUS Building, which is in the same structure, is where the Global Sales Hub is situated.

The newest iteration of Hotel101’s iconic 21 square meter HappyRoom with its globally recognized amenities, including the Queen bed and Single bed using Emma Sleep mattresses, IOT (Internet of Things) App operable smart lighting using one single type of bulb, 55 inch smart TV, work desk, universal power outlets, electronic device charger ports, kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave, and an ensuite modern pre-fabri is available at the Hotel101 Global Sales Hub in Singapore.

The new Hotel101 Global design maximizes the utilization of modular furnishings and fixtures, prefabricated bathrooms, and construction and operational efficiency. In all facets of its value chain, Hotel101 is anticipated to establish itself as one of the most technologically cutting-edge hotel companies. The completely automated self-check-in system with IOT capabilities will be integrated in the upcoming version of the Hotel101 App.

The ‘banig’, a traditional handwoven mat from the Philippines, has been chosen by Hotel101 as its hallmark style. Filipino families would congregate at banigs to create enduring ties and enduring memories. The banig is a symbol of home, and we want Hotel101 to make you feel at home during your stay. The Hotel101 banig colors were deliberately chosen to exude joy and to evoke a Filipino touch in all Hotel101 projects throughout various nations around the world. Artificial intelligence (AI) created the Hotel101 distinctive modern banig as a representation of the hotel’s commitment to staying in front of technological advancements.

According to DoubleDragon Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II, “If there is one hotel chain that can optimize the use of contemporary technology in the global hospitality space, we believe it will be Hotel101, given its pioneering standardized signature 21sqm HappyRooms and asset-light concept globally.”

Mr. Sia said, “Eventually, when you stay in any Hotel101, regardless of the nation you are in, for the first time, you will know exactly what to expect.”

As we put together the ideal team of seasoned team members who will effectively lead the expansion of the Hotel101 Unique and Asset-Light business model concurrently in various countries, the Hotel101 Global Corporate Office serves as the hub for our team members who are based in different countries, according to Hotel101 Global CEO Hannah Yulo-Luccini.

To enter, simply download the free Hotel101 Global Booking App, said Ms. Yulo-Luccini. “We invite everyone to drop by the Hotel101 Sales Hub on the Ground Floor of PLUS Building in Singapore and have some complimentary Filipino Blend Coffee.

Asset-Light Business Model of Hotel101:

Because there is just one type of room unit across the whole worldwide ecosystem of Hotel101’s hybrid condotel business model, it is incredibly cost-effective to create and run. Through direct development, collaborative ventures, and licensing, the highly adaptable Hotel101 idea also enables it to grow and establish a standard global inventory.

DoubleDragon can produce money and revenue twice thanks to Hotel101’s Asset-Light concept: first from the pre-selling of condotel units, and then secondly after the project is built, when the enrolled units are used to run the hotel.

In order to appeal to the mid-range market, Hotel101 rooms are designed to be typical or comparable in size and appearance worldwide. This enables a highly efficient booking procedure and lets customers know precisely what to anticipate in a Hotel101 wherever it may be located.

The innovative condotel concept of Hotel101 has already been submitted for a concept patent, and numerous countries around the world have registered the Hotel101 brand and country-specific domains.

Currently under development is the Hotel101 App for Apple iOS and Android, which is intended to operate effectively in numerous nations. Similar to airline tickets, Hotel101 uses dynamic pricing for its hotel rates, which causes the price of a certain room to fluctuate based on the availability and demand in the market at the time the reservation is made.

Hotel101’s International Growth:

The first three Hotel101 projects will be located in Madrid, Spain, California, USA, and Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan. These initial three international locations will act as bridge projects to accelerate Hotel101’s transformation to being a global brand with a truly original business model that can be planted in more than 100 countries.

The Philippines, Japan, Spain, USA, UK, UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, and China are the first 25 countries on the target near-term expansion roadmap for Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd.

  • DoubleDragon’s Attention:

Positioning Globally While Strengthening the Base.

The DoubleDragon team now has two clear-cut objectives. First, by 2025, DoubleDragon’s Philippine portfolio must be completely developed and at its highest level of revenue creation. Additionally, by 2025, DoubleDragon’s Offshore Hotel101 Global portfolio must significantly expand its market share abroad.

According to DoubleDragon Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II, “Given that the global economy is becoming more and more fragile and volatile, we deemed it imperative, that the only way to future-proof itself is to passionately pursue the target of DoubleDragon’s revenues to be derived from geographically diversified sources, that eventually over the long term, we aim that no single country will contribute over 10% of DD’s revenue and income.”

However, it goes without saying that the core of your company, DoubleDragon Corporation, will always be Filipino.  And your DD team will never stop carrying out its unwavering duty to consistently make a substantial contribution to nation-building as we work together to create a first-world Philippines, said Mr. Sia.

Source- Travel daily

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