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Icelandair launches the BAGTAG crew solution as the first airline.

Icelandair launches the BAGTAG crew solution as the first airline.

The launch of the BAGTAG Crew Solution is announced by Icelandair. Following a fruitful proof-of-concept, they will launch the invention in October, making Icelandair the first airline to do so. This technology allows staff members to check their own bags. The operations of the airline are made more convenient and efficient thanks to this ground-breaking innovation.

Crew baggage management has advanced significantly with the BAGTAG Crew Solution. Icelandair enables its crew members to optimise the crew travel experience by streamlining check-in procedures, eliminating paper waste, and using electronic bag tags in place of conventional paper tags.​

“We are constantly searching for methods to make our operations more efficient. This easy, clever, and environmentally responsible solution will simplify our procedures and support our goal of providing comfortable and joyful travel experiences for both our passengers and crew, according to Haukur Reynisson, Vice President of Flight Operations at Icelandair.

The solution uses backwards-compatible plug-and-play technology to streamline procedures, cut down on mistakes, and improve the effectiveness of baggage handling. Using the Icelandair crew application, crew members can securely connect wirelessly to the electronic tags to wirelessly communicate baggage information.

Amadeus, a BAGTAG partner, set up the necessary DCS link to retrieve the luggage information. Icelandair joined to the BAGTAG platform as an Amadeus Altéa airline in a couple of weeks, allowing for a speedy start to the PoC and integration of the solution.​

The electronic tags ensure a seamless and streamlined experience for the airline’s personnel by clearly displaying all pertinent baggage information, including crew data, flight information, and bag identification.

“Icelandair is a fantastic partner as we introduce the BAGTAG Crew Solution. Through this collaboration, we will show how our crew solution may improve the crew baggage handling procedure. Jasper Quak, Managing Director BAGTAG, said, “We look forward to building on the success of our joint PoC and the potential it delivers for further advancements.”

The Icelandair crew will start receiving personalised luggage with a permanent BAGTAG in October.

Source- Travel daily

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