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In 2023, using the in-flight call button makes you a barbarian

In 2023, using the in-flight call button makes you a barbarian

Using the in-flight call button, even if you’re truly thirsty, shows that you’re rude, out of touch, and from another century.

Some passengers feel that utilising the in-flight call button is their divinely granted right, and that they have every right to request a fourth gin and tonic (“with crackers, while you’re at it”) on the spot. Others believe individuals who use it, even for something as basic as asking for a drink of water, are barbarians who lack culture, manners, and knowledge of how to travel.

What then is the truth? Why even is it there? Is it still OK to use it occasionally, or have people stopped using it altogether (such expecting your aircraft from Melbourne to Sydney to depart on time or checking in your bags), for fear of being labelled a Terrible Tyrant?

The proper use of the passenger call button has recently been the subject of much discussion, with many current and former flight attendants offering their opinions on TikTok.

the feeling in general? The in-flight call button is antiquated; it harkens back to a bygone period when airlines genuinely cared about their customers and flying still carried a semblance of respect.

Before inebriated passengers would argue, wear masks, use the name “Karen,” or pay to use the lavatory. Before flight attendants pulled you over to place a bracelet on your carry-on and toss it into the plane’s belly (for a cost) when they noticed that it was beginning to sag slightly at the seams.

Our judgement? The “another beer, good sir” hotline is not available to you via the in-flight call button. Although many hypochondriacal, ‘doing the right thing’-obsessed tourists are shunning it, there are still a few situations in which it is appropriate to utilise.

In light of this, the unwritten guidelines for utilising the in-flight call button in 2023 are listed below, along with a number of situations where doing so is still acceptable without being viewed as barbaric.

In the middle of the night to request a blanket

This is your chance to beat that call bell into submission like a pedestrian crossing button that won’t turn green. If you inquire in person, you run the risk of accidently elbowing a lot of people in the face and tripping over a lot of feet. Additionally, if the airline has set the cabin temperature to “arctic,” they owe you plenty of blankets.

If your thirst is unbearable

In order to be a considerate, hassle-free passenger, we advise drinking the water when it is offered. However, since it is the responsibility of the airline to prevent you from turning into an emaciated dishcloth in case of turbulence, it is usually acceptable to use the call bell to request more water.

However, it’s best to go up to the galley and inquire in person if you want to be extra considerate of your flight attendant and fellow passengers’ patience (and get some blood circulating in your legs) (unless there is turbulence). Speaking of turbulence, if the seatbelt sign is lit, flight attendants are also required to be seated in their seats with seat belts fastened.

If you haven’t used it yet (and if the flight is calm at that time),

This is a major issue. It’s definitely okay to use the in-flight call bell once if you have a fair request and the flight attendants aren’t frantically hurrying to prepare meals or perform their flight check before landing. In general, unless you are at your death’s door or want to be labelled a barbarian, you shouldn’t use the call bell again after using it once.

If you are on a lengthy flight

The TikTok flight attendants claim that short-haul flights are the worst possible option. On a short-haul trip, actions like reclining, using the in-flight call button, and taking off your shoes are comparable to acts of war even though they are all perfectly allowed on long-haul flights (as long as you use common sense and leave your socks on). So keep an eye on yourself (and make plans in advance so you don’t inconvenience everyone else).

If your seat neighbour is a creep,

Do not be afraid to ask for assistance if your seatmate is being intrusive, unsettling, or disrespectful.

If you use a significant carrier

You should probably be alright to press the call button if you are flying on a cheap airline where there are usually lots of flight attendants and they are paid well enough to care about you (they might think you’re entitled, but they’ll conceal it beneath a grin).

However, if you’re flying on a low-cost carrier, you can anticipate that the flight attendants won’t be interested in helping you since they are either understaffed or preoccupied talking to one another. Be prepared for a frown, short shrift, or to be ignored.

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