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In 2025, Zetter Hotels will open "The Zetter Bloomsbury" in London.

In 2025, Zetter Hotels will open “The Zetter Bloomsbury” in London.

The Zetter Bloomsbury has been announced as the newest opening by Zetter Hotels, the vivacious hotel chain with award-winning locations all around London. It is scheduled to debut in early 2025. The Zetter Bloomsbury, the first Zetter hotel to open in ten years, will usher in a new era for Zetter Hotels and a new stage in the brand’s evolution.

The Zetter Townhouse in Marylebone, The Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell, and The Marrable’s Hotel in Clerkenwell (formerly The Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell) are all part of the Zetter Hotels chain. The exquisite, current hotels will change their names to “The Zetter Marylebone” and “The Zetter Clerkenwell” with the opening of The Zetter Bloomsbury.

The Zetter Bloomsbury, a 72-room hotel with suites, situated in the center of London, close to Russell Square, and enjoys a prime location with views of the British Museum. The hotel will combine six 300-year-old townhouses and represent enduring imperfection. The hotel will be distinguished and majestic but yet feel cozy, inviting, and inhabited. CEO of Orca Holding Laith Pharaon is introducing the property. Laith has hired the renowned James Thurstan Waterworth, founder of Thurstan and former European Design Director of Soho House, to manage the hotel’s exquisite interiors.

“With the addition of The Zetter Bloomsbury, we are focused on growing the Zetter Hotels portfolio, becoming a timeless group, and being viewed as one of the world’s most talked-about accommodations,” says Laith Pharaon, CEO of Orca Holding. The Zetter Bloomsbury will be no different from the other Zetter hotels in their quest to revolutionize the boutique hotel idea by providing true homes-away-from-homes, distinctive character, and an elegant mix of decor throughout.

The Bradley Hare in Wiltshire and Masseria Pistola in Puglia are just a couple of the successful openings that James Thurstan Waterworth, an interior designer, is responsible for. He aims to create eclectic, unique interiors that blend in with the surrounding architecture. The structure will have ancient reclaimed flooring and authentic detailing because it is a genuine Georgian townhouse. In order to give the hotel a cozy, homey feel, James Thurstan Waterworth of Thurstan says that layers of vintage furniture and textiles were used in the design. We want our customers to think of the hotel as a well-loved, long-standing hidden gem.

When guests arrive at the hotel, they are met with a cocktail in hand by one of Zetter’s skilled mixologists in “The Sitting Room,” the hotel’s cozy bar area. Here, the formality of the check-in desk does not exist. The Larder, a private eating space for 20–40 people, will be located on the lower level. The Drawing Room, a calmer room for guests to unwind, will be located next to The Sitting Room. The Pantry will serve as a second bar for visitors.

Guests can take in the serene terrace and gardens of the hotel while sipping on a beverage in “The Sitting Room.” The gardens will provide a calm area with secluded nooks for visitors to spend time away from the noise and bustle of the city thanks to landscaping work done by “Rich Landscapes.” A BBQ will also be included in the gardens with the intention of hosting several scrumptious summer feasts and chef pop-ups there. The hotel’s breakfast area, called “The Orangery,” has a bar for year-round dining. This is a beautiful and unspoiled setting where visitors may take advantage of the light and views of the nearby gardens thanks to glass windows and a cozy fireplace.

The 72 guest rooms and suites at the hotel will each make an effort to be distinctive in some manner, with tastefully chosen Georgian antiques, oak furniture, Victorian upholstery, and fading Persian and Turkish rugs to make the spaces seem cozy. The Georgian pastel shades of pink, together with blue and green eggshell, will be used to decorate the bedrooms, making them wonderfully peaceful. Eight spacious suites that are distributed across the hotel’s bedrooms offer four-poster beds, freestanding bathtubs, bay windows, and fireplaces with views of the gardens of the British Museum. The remaining bedrooms will be smaller but still have lovely paneling and half tester beds. All bedrooms will feature custom lights, antique bedside tables, and artwork from Asia and Africa in addition to British pieces from the 20th century, as an homage to the hotel’s location next to the British Museum.

The team will incorporate internal and external lighting controls, energy-efficient lighting, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to deliver hot water because sustainability is important to Zetter Hotels. The team will properly source materials and keep up the excellent waste reduction and recycling programs currently in place at the present Zetter Hotels. The world’s top science-based suite of validation and certification methods for a sustainable built environment, BREEAM, is the goal of the Zetter team. A pure and organic British fragrance line for the bath, body, and home called VERDEN will also be featured by Zetter Hotels. The Zetter Bloomsbury will be the first hotel to collaborate with VERDEN. VERDEN is a Danish word that directly translates to “the world” or “the earth.” The hotel also includes plans for a pavilion for outdoor yoga.

Zetter Hotels are well known for their exclusivity, elegance, and vivacity. The team’s commitment to developing innovative and distinctive drinks that put taste above all else and explode with flavor with each sip is what truly distinguishes Zetter Hotels. Additionally, the hotel will provide artists and craftspeople a place to experience British culture thanks to its special location next to the British Museum. The debut of The Zetter Bloomsbury will boost the company’s already stellar reputation while also offering both residents and foreign tourists a delightful new haven in the center of London.

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