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In Yunnan, China, The Lux Collective and Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd are commemorating their 10-year cooperation

The relationship between Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd and the international hospitality organization The Lux Collective, which first started in 2013, has now lasted ten years.

Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd. and LUX* Tea Horse Road collaborated with international editorial photographer and author Mr. Michael Freeman to present an exclusive photo exhibition titled “Michael Freeman – Yunnan Through the Lens” in Lijiang as part of the celebration of the milestone. They also unveiled the Group’s upcoming eighth LUX* Tea Horse Road China resort, LUX* Lashi Lake.

Michael began a significant leg of his journey through China in the summer of 2008, and while there, he fell in love with the 13th-century Tea Horse Road. His two and a half-year photography effort there resulted in the 2011 release of the book “Tea Horse Road.”

The well-received book covers destinations from Lijiang and Shangri-La to Nujiang and Tengchong, capturing the history, community, and culture of the Tea Horse Road.

The Lux Collective hired Michael in 2016 to create the inaugural brochure LUX* Tea Horse Road China, which marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Some of the most remote locations on earth are home to the luxurious retreats that make up LUX* Tea Horse Road China.

The “Michael Freeman – Yunnan Through the Lens” exhibition was co-hosted by Lijiang Yulong Tourism Ltd. and The Lux Collective on June 3, 2023, with assistance from the Lijiang Photographers Association, to commemorate the anniversary and Michael’s return to the Tea Horse Road. 100 local and international guests attended the Lijiang exhibition, which featured 36 of Michael’s works.

Source- travel daily

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