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ITA Airways Adds First Airbus A321neo to Fleet

ITA Airways Adds First Airbus A321neo to Fleet

Last Friday, ITA Airways held a delivery ceremony for their new Airbus A321neo at their Hamburg manufacturing facility. Those in attendance included Pedro Cabrero-Vazquez, Customer Fleet Director – Europe at Pratt & Whitney, Walter Garrett, Senior Manager Asset Management Air Lease Corporation, and Francesco Presicce, ITA Airways Accountable Manager and Chief Technology Officer.

The National Authority for Certification and Airworthiness (ENAC) will conduct pre-operational testing and scheduled inspections on the A321neo in Fiumicino following the ceremony. Following this, the aircraft will commence commercial flights.

The first Airbus A321neo, a brand-new aircraft for our firm, is being welcomed today with pride, said Francesco Presicce, Chief Technology Officer and Accountable Manager of ITA Airways. “ITA Airways’ fleet will comprise all of the last generation Airbus aircraft families—the A220, A320, A330, and A350—with the arrival of the Airbus A321neo.”

We will be able to expand our international network further with the new A321neo, which was constructed totally in accordance with ITA Airways’ new interior design. Furthermore, it’s a significant step forward in our new environmentally friendly fleet development plan, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to maximize effectiveness and service quality while significantly reducing environmental impact.

The A321neo is the first narrow-body aircraft operated by ITA Airways, with three distinct cabin areas: Business Class (including fully lie-flat seats), Premium Economy, and Economy (comprising seats specifically designated for Comfort Economy).

The new aircraft is ideal for the Company’s upcoming routes (Middle East and Africa) in terms of type and interior layout. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire project team for their dedication in attaining this esteemed outcome for a nascent airline with an expanding fleet.

The first Airbus A321neo to fly for ITA Airways, it bears Massimiliano Rosolino’s name, the Italian swimmer who took home the gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. The award-winning Airspace cabin, which offers the greatest levels of comfort and improved cabin space, the new ITA Airways custom internal lighting system, advanced entertainment systems, and full Wi-Fi access in all classes are some of the A321neo’s unique features.

The interiors of the cabin, designed by Walter de Silva, are a beautiful representation of traditional Italian flair and elegance. They not only flawlessly maintain the aesthetic attributes of the brand, but they also meet the need for “people centricity” by creating a cabin impression that is consistent across all classes. Walter de Silva’s interior design for the cabin is a wonderful representation of classic Italian beauty and grace.

They not only perfectly encapsulate the aesthetic elements of the brand, but also meet the requirement for “people centricity” by conveying a sense of consistency throughout all class levels in the cabin. Walter De Silva was motivated to create an interior for the ITA Airways A321neo that was both nice to look at and consistent with the aircraft’s decision to soar above the skies.

The newest model of seats, XL overhead bins, fresh colors, and materials are all featured in the new aircraft. Furthermore, every seat has the newest “on-demand” video and music entertainment system, which includes 4K resolution low reflectance touchscreen monitors with 17.3′′ (Business), 15.6′′ (Premium Economy), and 13.3′′ (Economy) for a straightforward, seamless, and user-friendly experience.

Passengers will experience something like to well-known multimedia apps thanks to the new IFE system, which offers biweekly programming that includes a large assortment of films, TV shows, music playlists, interactive games, and 3D interactive flight maps.

Passengers can text, browse, or stream content on their smartphone while connected to the in-flight network, depending on the connectivity package they have chosen. With its unparalleled range and performance, Airbus’s A321neo is the largest aircraft in the A320neo Family.

Thanks to next-generation Pratt & Whitney GTFTM engines and Sharklets, it offers a 50% reduction in noise impact and a 22% reduction in fuel and CO2 emissions per seat when compared to previous-generation aircraft in its class. The Airbus A321neo makes ITA Airways’ fleet strategy of running only Airbus aircraft even more robust. Presently, 81 aircraft are in service, comprising modern aircraft models such as the A220, A320neo, A330neo, and A350. It will be added to the fleet in the upcoming weeks to support the company’s medium-haul routes.

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