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Laguna Golf Group is added to 59club Asia's partnering roster.

Laguna Golf Group is added to 59club Asia’s partnering roster.

Recently, Laguna Golf Group, known for managing top-notch golf facilities in three distinct nations (Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam), has joined the constantly growing roster of customers of 59club Asia. The Laguna Golf Group is dedicated to upholding a very high level of service in accordance with its own high standards. It is known as Asia’s first integrated golf resorts, offering not just golf but also excellent lifestyle amenities like spas, restaurants, bars, boutique shops, and sports activities.

The resorts may guarantee continuing improvements in offering service excellence to both members and guests by utilizing the sector-leading services offered by 59club Asia, such as customer service analytics and unrivaled training platforms. The resorts are committed to improving every part of operation in order to improve the customer experience.

Customer Service Analysis, Staff Training Programs, Surveys for Members & Visitors, and Mystery Shopper Audits are just a few of the industry-leading assessment tools offered by 59club Asia. The management teams in the hospitality industry can benefit from this information as they work to enhance their methods in sales and customer service.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with 59club Asia, renowned experts in people development with a track record of managing top-tier golf courses in Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, said Paul Wilson, AVP & Group Golf Director of Laguna Golf, with great enthusiasm. With 59club Asia, this cooperation aims to improve our golf courses and offerings. Among the notable golf facilities we have chosen as participants are Laguna Golf Phuket, Laguna Golf Bintan, and Laguna Lang Co. in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. We’re committed to reaching our common objectives with 59club Asia.

Araya Singhsuwan, Operations Director, 59club Asia, expressed optimism after gaining the partnership with Laguna Golf Group: “Laguna Golf Group stands out as a prime destination for golfers in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The management team’s commitment to improving client experiences makes their partnership with 59club Asia even more valuable. They are obtaining crucial information through mystery shopper audits and member and visitor surveys to raise their already high standards and give everyone a remarkable experience.

The leading supplier of cutting-edge software and thorough evaluation standards to the Asian golf market is 59club Asia. The Bangkok-based company is leading the way in the region’s golf clubs, leisure, and hotel industries by revolutionizing customer service analysis and training. Golf clubs are given the ability to improve the quality of their services through the use of cutting-edge technology and customized evaluation criteria by 59club Asia, which eventually results in higher customer satisfaction.

Source- Travel daily

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