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Mastercard and One Global collaborate to launch "Click to Pay" in Kuwait.

Mastercard and One Global collaborate to launch “Click to Pay” in Kuwait.

Under the terms of its Payment Service Provider (PSP) licence, Mastercard has introduced Click to Pay (C2P) in Kuwait in partnership with a prominent digital transformation and innovation organisation, One GlobalTM.

By making it quick, simple, and secure for customers to check out without having to enter their card information or save this sensitive information with many merchants, Mastercard’s Click to Pay establishes a new benchmark for guest checkout transactions and gives customers a more uniform experience. Once signed up, users can utilise the stored cards in their profile to check out conveniently at any retailer who supports the service.

On one of their vertical markets called Og MoneyTM, One GlobalTM has enabled Click to Pay for the purchase of digital gift cards and gaming vouchers like Amazon, Apple Cards, PlayStation, and Nintendo as well as bill payments. For gaming vouchers, entertainment cards, bill payments, top-ups, utilities, travel, and other digital services, the mobile financial service platform acts as a one-stop shop. One GlobalTM will soon be extending the service to additional nations and supporting more use cases with wider platform adoption.

In 2007, Mastercard and One GlobalTM began working together on a variety of projects. The most recent partnership, which took place in 2022, sought to offer specialised financial solutions that would allow the Middle East and North Africa to issue digital mobile wallets.

“Mastercard is committed to providing customers with a variety of payment technologies. As we continue to provide frictionless and seamless payment experiences throughout the markets we serve, we are thrilled to partner with One GlobalTM to launch Click to Pay in Kuwait and beyond, said Erdem akar, Country Manager, Kuwait and Qatar, Mastercard.

One GlobalTM is a fintech-focused digital transformation and innovation firm with 3.2 million customers on board. The international player has established a significant footprint in more than 20 nations throughout MENA, East Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America since the start of its adventure in 2004. Og MoneyTM, Og TravelTM, Og BusinessTM, and Og StackTM are some of the Mobilised Lifestyle® services that One GlobalTM provides to consumers and enterprises.

“At One GlobalTM, we’re always looking for ways to improve our comprehensive digital banking services. The introduction of C2P on Og MoneyTM in Kuwait presents an excellent chance to simplify the online checkout process for our clients. We are well-positioned to address rapidly changing customer needs with Mastercard as our partner because they are a worldwide payments technology expert, said Mohammed Al Rashidi, founder and executive chairman of One worldwide.

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