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Miramar Group presents the first-ever Gourmet Month – Discover Hong Kong’s best culinary delights

Miramar Group presents the first-ever Gourmet Month – Discover Hong Kong’s best culinary delights

A great group of gourmet experts created five MIRAlicious dining experiences as part of a celebration of 65 years.

SAR OF HONG KONG – The Miramar Group was founded in 1957 with a foundation in hospitality. Since that time, it has expanded its range of services to include chic hotels and serviced apartments, real estate leasing, food and drink, and travel services in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.

With its chic, well-designed hotels and eateries that many Hong Kong residents adore and visit, Miramar Group has grown to be a major player in the sector and a well-known brand in the city. The Miramar Group will begin a special campaign in May to mark its 65th anniversary, displaying the finest that Hong Kong’s F&B sector has to offer as the warmest welcome to diners from all over the world. Five of the group’s award-winning restaurants are together for Miramar’s Gourmet Month, a special F&B campaign where each offers a limited-time menu of its most renowned and outstanding dishes. The event, which will run from now through May 31, 2023, will bring together famous chefs from restaurants such as Cuisine Cuisine (at the ifc mall and The Mira Hong Kong), WHISK, Chinesology, and JAJA to create a gourmet experience that will feature first-rate cuisine, first-rate service, and cutting-edge interior design. This is the Miramar Group’s first ever group-focused F&B engagement, giving its chefs and service teams an opportunity to shine while allowing patrons to congregate, take in, and make every moment in Hong Kong MIRAlicious.

The Mira Hong Kong’s Restaurant: Gourmet Month Special

The finest Cantonese and Chinese cuisine is served at Cuisine at The Mira Hong Kong, an elegant restaurant with a modern touch. The restaurant, which has had a Michelin Guide recommendation since 2012, is commemorating Gourmet Month with a unique meal created by Chef de Cuisine Edwin Tang. Chef Tang, who is renowned for his inventive interpretations of traditional Cantonese food, will be showcasing reimagined versions of well-known classics like Typhoon Shelter-style lobster made with hot preserved vegetables and a hint of lemongrass, quick minute pasta and premium Japanese Ran Oh egg inspired by a Shanghainese stir-fried egg white dish called sai pang xie, and shrimp toast elevated with plum wine jelly, sea urchin, and caviar. The six-course tasting menu provides a remarkable and refined dining experience.

Food 18th Anniversary Celebration Feast at Cuisine ifc

Using only the finest seasonal ingredients and time-tested dishes that highlight the 36 Chinese culinary techniques, Cuisine Cuisine ifc, led by Head Chef Chau Kin-yan, provides a genuine Cantonese dining experience. This beautiful restaurant, which is located in the Central Business District and boasts spectacular views of Victoria Harbour, is hosting a special six-course feast to honour Gourmet Month and its 18th anniversary at ifc mall. The braised pomelo peel and Japanese Kanto sea cucumber with prawn roe, as well as the famed house specialty Sautéed Crystal King Prawn, are among the highlights of the feast.

Chinese Studies: Hong Kong Flavours

Chinesology, which takes its cue from the Tang Dynasty, strives to examine the depth and complexity of Chinese food through a modern lens. Chef Saito Chau, a native of Hong Kong, is in charge of the eatery at the ifc mall. Chef Saito Chau has a deep affection for the community and has long wished to highlight the cuisine and craftsmanship of the city on a larger scale. Chef Saito has created a 10-course themed meal called “Flavours of Hong Kong” in conjunction with well-known local businesses Ser Wong Fun, Lee Hoong Kee, Kam Hing Noodles, and Tiu Yuen Soy Company, each of which has a history spanning more than 70 years in the city. The unique and nostalgic delicacies, which drew inspiration from the tales told by each business, include fermented soybean paste ice cream, wild Ma Yau Fish cooked in lotus leaves, and abalone with pan-fried crispy noodles.

May 2023: Sparkling Finesse at WHISK (The Mira Hong Kong)

WHISK is a cutting-edge French-Japanese restaurant run by Chef William Lau that specialises in ingredient-driven meals made using quality food from all around the world and skilled French culinary skills. The award-winning restaurant is celebrating French GourMay with a tasting menu of up to 10 dishes paired with French sparkling wines, with the theme “Bubble Up” as a nod to the event. New dishes to sample include savoury ocean fish bouillabaisse paired with Premier Cru “Fleur de Champagne” from Duval-Leroy and kombu-cured hamachi with tart French sorrel served with crisp Crémant de Bourgogne from Domaine François Mikulski. Customers may select from three main courses, including Kagoshima wagyu ribeye with compressed Agria potato and char-grilled berries, French pigeon with berries and Japanese red cabbage, and lavish Mot & Chandon Rosé Grand Vintage 2006. The tasting menu, which offers a deluxe and exceptional dining experience, is priced at HK$980 per person for six dishes, HK$1,288 for 10 courses, and an extra HK$480 for four glasses of Sommelier’s Selection.

Fashionable Party Set for 4 from JAJA

Inside the Hong Kong Arts Centre in Wan Chai, JAJA is a place where positive energy is shared and celebrated while dishing out delicious and Instagrammable vegetarian delicacies in a quirky and colourful setting. During Gourmet Month, the always entertaining vegetarian restaurant welcomes patrons to celebrate in style with its Fashionable Party Set for 4, which includes a variety of appetisers, entrées, and sides. A delectable vegetarian margarita pizza, a live maki platter filled with superfoods, and locally grown smokey corn ribs are just a few of the restaurant’s signature dishes that go great with one of JAJA’s many creative milkshakes, cocktails, or non-alcoholic drinks. Whether for a chic celebration or a fun night out, JAJA offers a lively and happy eating experience.

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