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More travel disruption for passengers as train staff stage strike

More travel disruption for passengers as train staff stage strike

Due to a new strike and the intensification of ongoing pay conflicts, rail travellers will face more travel mayhem on Saturday.

On the day of the Eurovision Song Contest final in Liverpool, RMT members will stage walkouts at 14 railway operators around England.

The action on Friday by the railway drivers’ union, Aslef, crippled services, resulting in a daylong train strike in several areas of England.

Despite the ongoing impasse over the wage dispute, Aslef’s general secretary Mick Whelan disclosed that there had been no discussions with the Government since early January.

He stated that unless they received a reasonable compensation offer, they would be willing to continue participating in industrial action.

An offer of an 8% pay increase spread over two years has been called “risible” by Aslef.

“The government seems to think they can starve us back to work, or that we will give up, but that isn’t going to happen,” said Mr. Whelan, who joined picket lines in Manchester and Liverpool.

“There will be more strikes because we are in this for the long haul.”

On May 31 and June 3, the days of the FA Cup Final at Wembley, Aslef has urged for more stoppages.

After several weeks of discussions, the Rail Delivery Group claimed to have offered a “revised and fair offer” to the Aslef leadership, including a salary increase of 8% over two years.

It would have implemented long-needed, logical upgrades that were already in place in some areas of the network, resulting in more trains operating on time for passengers.

Sadly, this was turned down, a spokeswoman stated.

On Saturday, travellers were advised to verify before leaving.

Since Merseyrail is not impacted by the strike, it is anticipated that it will operate normally throughout the Eurovision Song Contest.

Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the RMT, predicted strong support for the walkout on Saturday.

This strike is being held in response to a recent re-ballot of members working for 14 railway operating firms, which overwhelmingly reaffirmed a mandate for more strike action, the speaker stated.

“Throughout this conflict, the railway firms have been unable to propose a fair settlement because of government restrictions.

“We’re striking so the government and employers can understand the intense resentment among train employees is very genuine. They need to acknowledge that fact, confront reality, and come up with better alternatives.

“We are requesting that the rail companies sit down with RMT and engage in sincere negotiations to improve the situation for rail workers.”

The RMT noted that when it recently reballotted its members, a “massive” vote in favour of continuing strike action was received.

According to the union, Saturday was picked as the strike date since it was the final one permitted by employment regulations.

On Saturday, there will be more rail services than on Friday, although several firms are limiting the number of routes and operating hours.

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