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Pacific travel hotspot Noumea bans swimming at beaches for a year

Pacific travel hotspot Noumea bans swimming at beaches for a year

After a wave of shark attacks, swimming has been prohibited at a popular tourist destination in the Pacific for a year.
Swimming is not permitted within 300 metres of the Noumea shoreline, according to the municipal council of Noumea, New Caledonia.
On one beach, swimmers are permitted in a monitored area while lifeguards are on duty.

On Lemon Bay, swimming is permitted between 8.45 am and 4 pm, but only up to 20 metres from the shore.
As the council gets ready to put shark nets on the beaches, the ban will still be in effect.
After an Australian tourist drowned while swimming off Chateau-Royal beach in Noumea in February, there was a swimming ban imposed.

Sydney father Chris Davis was attacked by a four-meter tiger shark while swimming around 150 metres offshore.

Despite attempts to resuscitate him, he passed away at the site.

It was the second assault in a short period of time at the same site.

The council observes that even when swimming is prohibited, beachgoers are still welcome to enjoy the sand.

On beaches outside of the Noumea council area, swimming is permitted.

One of Australia’s closest neighbours is New Caledonia.

The island, a former French colony, is currently a territory recognised as a part of Overseas France, and it has senators and members in the French parliament.

Source: 9news

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