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PHANTOM V Fold opens wings; reaches the sky in collaboration with SpiceJet

PHANTOM V Fold opens wings; reaches the sky in collaboration with SpiceJet

NEW DELHI As part of the ‘Beyond the Extraordinary’ marketing campaign for their most recent invention, the PHANTOM V Fold 5G, luxury global technology firm Tecno has teamed up with SpiceJet to wrap a Boeing 737 Max. The purpose of this strategic alliance is to boost the brand’s position and raise its profile among its main target market. The SpiceJet plane’s interior branding will also be interesting because the airhostess will show the passengers the new foldable phone in addition to the branding for the PHANTOM V fold smartphone on the cabin bulkhead and headrest cover. The exterior wrap is completely covered in the new PHANTOM colours.

The PHANTOM V Fold 5G from TECNO is a cutting-edge smartphone that has completely changed the foldable smartphone market by introducing premium features at a ground-breaking price of INR 88888. For those who want to get a foldable phone but do not want to pay a significant sum of money, it appears to be a fantastic offer. Every product offered by TECNO is based on the company’s “Segment-First” principle. With the PHANTOM line of smartphones, the company is shifting gears to concentrate on the luxury market. This programme, which falls under the fold phone category, is a follow-up effort to revive the “Beyond the Extraordinary” idea.

Arijeet Talapatra, CEO of Tecno Mobile India, commented on this partnership and stated, “At Tecno, we are committed to become a source of pride for India. Local production, R&D, and cutting-edge goods are all very important to us. We have a large product range for the Pan India market, spanning from 6K to 100K, by fusing international technology innovation with local insights in India. India has been a stronghold for Tecno for six years. 18 million people have come to rely on our reliable distribution network, superior post-sale assistance, and potent goods. We are happy to announce our special partnership with SpiceJet, which will support our motto of “Stop at Nothing” even more. This collaboration is evidence of our dedication to growing our brand’s presence in India through unconventional and creative approaches. We are pleased to interact with our consumers in fresh and engaging ways, and we are convinced that they will value this special endeavour.

The agreement would help Tecno advertise its cutting-edge foldable smartphone, the Phantom V Fold 5G, according to Debojo Maharshi, Chief Business Officer of SpiceJet. Both domestic and foreign firms are looking for inventive and original ways to sell their products in India due to the fierce competition there. We are pleased to report that flying billboards are now a well-liked and successful tool for numerous advertising projects. As a result of this collaboration, SpiceJet has covered the latest Boeing 737-Max plane with the top-of-the-line foldable smartphone from Tecno. This aircraft will not only travel between different Indian cities but also to exclusive overseas locations, providing a fantastic opportunity to connect with an exclusive target market. We are certain that this campaign will improve consumer awareness of Tecno’s Phantom V Fold 5G and support the device’s overall success.

The marketing strategy for the Phantom V Fold, a product that embodies the ethos of Beyond the Extraordinary, is appropriate given that the Tecno brand stands for Stop at Nothing. The endeavour has been a 360-degree strategy to optimise and capture all marketing avenues, including promoting PHANTOM V Fold via loud launch, full-page Press Ads, BTL activities across all key Indian cities, and comprehensive Influencers involvement. Here, OOH plays a crucial role and, in line with the product’s positioning, has successfully targeted high traffic touchpoints like important metro stations in Mumbai & Delhi as well as airport visibility throughout major cities. In order to make this massive idea of aircraft wrapping a reality, Brand’s outdoor agency Walk the Talk was vital.

Source: traveldailynews

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