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Plaza Premium and DreamFolks collaborate to provide access to more than 340 lounges.

Plaza Premium and DreamFolks collaborate to provide access to more than 340 lounges.

Global airport services aggregator DreamFolks and Plaza Premium Group, a provider of airport hospitality with the largest network of independent airport lounges in the world, have announced a partnership to add more than 340 Plaza Premium Lounges in more than 70 major international airports to the DreamFolks global lounge network, starting today. This will improve the travel experience for its members all over the world.

In four continents, including major travel hubs like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Florida, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and more, Plaza Premium Lounges will be extensively covered thanks to this collaboration.

The number of DreamFolks’ global touchpoints will rise to an impressive 1700+ with the addition of Plaza Premium Lounges. This expanded network will provide members with unmatched access to premium lounges in popular travel locations around the world, ensuring a smooth and relaxing travel experience.

Dreamfolks Services Ltd. Chairperson and MD Liberatha Kallat stated, “We are thrilled to work with Plaza Premium Group and expand our global lounge network. The impressive geographic reach that Plaza Premium Lounges provides is something we are proud to highlight across newer lounges and various locations. The strategic partnership represents a crucial step in improving everyone’s experience travelling abroad. Travellers can anticipate experiencing unrivalled comfort and hospitality at important travel hubs around the world thanks to expanded lounge coverage and access to a vast network of touchpoints.

Plaza Premium Group’s Deputy-CEO, Bora Isbulan, stated, “We are pleased to work with DreamFolks. Due to the fact that India is one of the largest and fastest-growing outbound markets in Asia, this strategic partnership allows PPG to further its mission to improve travel by providing travellers with distinctive airport hospitality solutions that cater to their changing needs. Given India’s sizable population, rising purchasing power, and rapidly expanding outbound travel market, our goal is to make the airport experience a part of the journey you look forward to in India. We also believe that the airport hospitality space presents a significant opportunity for growth.

Through this partnership, we can more successfully introduce new goods and services to the Indian market by utilising DreamFolks’ broad exposure and in-depth knowledge of the country’s travel industry and consumers, as well as PPG’s robust global network and expertise in airport hospitality.
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