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Priority: Stress the Significance of Hiring Atas Companies

Priority: Stress the Significance of Hiring Atas Companies

With the introduction of a Member Deal platform, the Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA) is utilizing the substantial consumer use of the ATAS website to highlight recognized firms. Pre-Covid, the website received more than 300,000 views per year. In accordance with the increased emphasis on emphasizing how crucial it is to choose ATAS businesses while traveling, every certified firm will now have access to the Member Deal advantage, which includes at least one Deal Spotlight each year.

To date, ATIA has spent about $20 million on developing and staffing ATAS.One of the significant revisions recently announced is the creation of an independent ATAS Advisory Committee with representation from the entire ATIA membership base to provide independent governance separate from the ATIA Board.

  • “Heroing members everywhere we can, including through one of our most potent communication assets the ATAS website, is not new,” ATIA CEO Dean Long once remarked.
  • “Consumers already have a lot of trust in when looking for accredited companies to book their vacation. Already 100,000 Australians have used the website this year, and we aim to make it even more enticing with our Member Deals as visits return to the pre-Covid levels of 300,000+ and beyond.
  • “Member Deals is a new direct sales channel and promotional opportunity for authorized businesses. We are reiterating ATAS’ primary value while also promoting our members.

Source- Travel daily

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