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Qatar Tourism Launches Awards Programme to Celebrate Excellence in Tourism Industry

Qatar Tourism Launches Awards Programme to Celebrate Excellence in Tourism Industry

The World travel Organisation (UNWTO) and Qatar Tourism have partnered to create the Qatar Tourism Awards, a programme intended to commemorate and honour the extraordinary contributions made by companies in providing exceptional and distinctive travel experiences in Qatar.

By honouring tourist companies that consistently perform exceptional customer service, the Qatar tourist Awards aim to draw attention on the elements that go into designing a visitor’s experience at every touchpoint of their journey. The goal of this effort is to inspire all parties involved in the direct or indirect delivery of tourist experiences to keep creating and emulating extraordinary initiatives that stand out for their originality, sustainability, accessibility, and high level of service.

His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Chairman of Qatar tourist and Chief Executive of the Qatar Airways Group, stated: “We are thrilled to announce the Qatar Tourism Awards, which are intended to highlight the outstanding work of stakeholders in the tourist sector. The vision, tenacity, and passion of the organisations and people involved in the tourism industry have allowed Qatar to become home to some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Through this programme, we seek to motivate and inspire our collaborators to create fresh, cutting-edge projects that will further enhance Qatar’s standing as a premier travel destination.

The three main categories of the Qatar Tourism Awards—Cultural Experiences, Smart Solutions, and Service Excellence—highlight various facets of the traveller experience.

All tourism firms, operators, entrepreneurs, visitor attractions, organisations, and events that operate in Qatar and market Qatar to a local and worldwide audience are eligible to enter the Qatar Tourism Awards. The awards are already accepting submissions, and later this year, a special event will be held to announce the winners.

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