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Records for the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

 Its Biggest Month May saw over 76 events, including manufacturing, hospitality, health, business, industrial, and consumer events, take place at Australia’s largest convention and exposition venue, MCEC.

Because MCEC employs almost 1,000 people and works with over 1,700 suppliers and companies to operate and deliver events, these events have a significant impact on Victoria. In Victoria, MCEC collaborates with more than 600 food and beverage retailers to source produce responsibly.

Spineweek, which brought together 1,500 physicians and scientists from all over the world to promote scientific collaboration, marked the beginning of the month.

Over three days, MCEC hosted FoodService Australia, the premier hospitality and food trade event. More than 8,000 business people came together to network, attend conferences, and participate in the “Chef of the Year” competition.

Nearly 16,000 people from 29 different nations attended Australian Manufacturing Week to see the latest equipment, technologies, and ideas in the field of advanced manufacturing.

Over 26,000 people came to the MCEC for the Good Food & Wine Show from all over the State to watch their favourite celebrity chefs prepare meals, take part in seminars, and taste Australian foods and wines.

The Rotary foreign Convention, which brought over 14,000 foreign delegates to Melbourne and contributed more than $91 million to the local economy, was lastly hosted at MCEC at the end of May. With activations all around the city, this significant event completely filled the MCEC and Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne and Olympic Parks. With the assistance of the Victorian Government and Tourism Australia, the Melbourne Convention Bureau led the proposal for the event.

These activities directly boost the local economy, leave a lasting impression on the neighbourhood, and enhance Melbourne’s standing as a major centre of knowledge and culture worldwide. The variety of activities held at MCEC all year round highlight the city’s alive and welcoming culture, drawing tourists from all over the world. Modern amenities and a dedication to sustainability make MCEC a top option for event planners seeking to have a good effect on both their attendees and the environment.

Steve Dimopoulos, the minister of sports, tourism, and major events for Victoria, declared that “no one does events quite like Victoria.” Business events keep our hotels full, our restaurants busy, and our economy robust.

“MCEC is a significant event location, and I commend the entire team for contributing to drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors to our state and bolstering local economies and employment.”

“In the first full year of operation post-COVID, MCEC has seen an enthusiastic return to in-person events, demonstrating our ability to bounce back and provide exceptional experiences for our clients,” stated Natalie O’Brian, CEO of MCEC. Melbourne’s standing as a premier international events destination is strengthened by the robust industry demand.

“We are proud to host major business events at MCEC that welcome industry leaders from a variety of different fields to connect, collaborate, and discuss critical issues, resulting in ground-breaking research and cutting-edge social policy,” says the organisation.

Our professional team makes sure that every event is performed flawlessly, providing consumers with personalised experiences and making an impression on attendance. At MCEC, we look forward to continuing to host top-notch events.

Source- Travel daily

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