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Sabre takes off AI lodging

Sabre takes off AI lodging

The release of Lodging AI by Sabre Corporation signals the expansion of the Sabre Travel AITM capabilities into the lodging industry and increases the potency of Content Services for Lodging.

Travel agencies can increase hotel attachment rates with the aid of lodging AI, which will increase income prospects and give guests more individualized housing choices. The new lodging capability creates personalized accommodation alternatives and serves up properties that are most likely to be booked by analyzing property attributes, client trip segmentation, traveler and agency preferences, and Sabre Travel AITM machine learning models.

“Artificial intelligence combined with data and insights, such as profiles and preferences, is a very powerful tool in removing friction from the travel booking process,” according to Garry Wiseman, chief product officer at Sabre. According to our strategic relationship with Google, “Lodging AI is the next evolution of intelligent retailing capabilities. It brings more personalized results to enable agents to be more efficient in their workflows and to ensure travelers receive the most relevant options.”

Lodging AI’s first two micro-services are currently accessible, and more use cases will be provided later.

Alternative properties: If a given property is not available during the shopping phase, this micro-service of accommodation AI enables accommodation reservations by displaying up to 20 appropriate options with comparable features.Cross-selling is a micro-service that locates relevant plane reservations or travel plans without accommodation included and offers appropriate lodging options to finish the trip.

By providing pertinent accommodation options to go along with an air ticket booking, accommodation AI, which is accessible via Content Services for Lodging APIs and Sabre Red 360, will enable Sabre customers to boost traveler value and drive profitability by capturing a larger share of wallet. With additional trip components included in a PNR, corporate travel managers might also notice improved duty of care and reporting. Access to more specialized options depending on their requirements and preferences is advantageous to travelers.

“Ultragroup recognizes Sabre as a premier travel technology partner. Our business and the services we provide have changed as a result of their persistent desire for innovation, according to Ultra Group CEO and Co-Founder Andres Pelaez. We’re getting ready to roll out new AI integrations in our ongoing partnership with Sabre, and we’re putting hotel recommendations based on flight itineraries into practice for a cross-selling experience. In addition, in cases where specific accommodations are not accessible, we will offer options for substitute accommodations based on the search criteria and preferences of the user. These AI-driven tools have the potential to significantly improve productivity and customer satisfaction across all of our business platforms.

Sabre Travel AI, a product of the two businesses’ 10-year strategic cooperation, was developed by Sabre and uses Google technology. It makes use of cutting-edge AI technology and sophisticated machine-learning skills. In order to assist clients in more swiftly delivering highly relevant and tailored content and to open up new revenue and growth opportunities, Sabre is integrating its unique intelligent technology into both new and existing solutions.

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