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Sea trials on the nation's first large cruise ship have begun.

Sea trials on the nation’s first large cruise ship have begun.

A key step towards the completion and ultimate appearance of China’s first brand-new, large cruise ship has been made with the start of the first of two sea trials.

Adora Magic City, the first cruise ship made in China, has reportedly started sea trials, according to China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC). China wants to use this ship as a launching pad to dominate the production of massive cruise ships.

The first cruise ship made entirely in China, which will leave from Shanghai in 2024, accomplished a crucial milestone on July 17, 2023. Since the ship was floated out in June 2023, the self-propelled sea testing has begun.

The big cruise ship, which will be operated by Adora Cruises Limited, has departed from Shanghai on a nine-day voyage across the ocean. Every day of the voyage will be used for testing and trials.

Prior to its initial sea trials, Adora Magic City was furnished for six weeks. Aboard the ship, equipment like water ingress alarms, watertight doors, fire safety systems, and other elements necessary for comfortable and safe ocean travel were tested and certified.

Chinese shipyards have enhanced their technological proficiency under the direction of specialists from Italy’s Fincantieri, a pioneer in the shipbuilding industry.

China State Shipbuilding Corporation has already started work on a second, larger cruise ship based on the Adora design. Construction of this ship began in August 2022, and delivery is expected in 2025.

China wants to develop a cruise ship industry on par with those of France, Germany, Finland, and Italy. The ultimate goal of China is to rank among the top five cruise ship builders worldwide. A crucial step towards achieving that objective is Adora Magic City.

The amazing cruise ship Adora Magic City transforms into a magical “city” at sea by merging elements from the East and the West.

The ship will include a unique German craft brewery providing unique beers with Asian influences as well as other well-liked brews. The largest duty-free shopping facility on the ocean will be accessible to guests onboard as well (developed in partnership with China Duty-Free Group).

This first vessel will be a state-of-the-art 5G cruise ship made possible by a collaboration with Shanghai Telecom. Travellers to Adora Magic City should have constant access to the internet owing to 5G technology.

When Adora Magic City completes its sea trials, receives the necessary finishing touches, and sets sail in 2024, it will have enough amenities, technology, and entertainment to provide Chinese and foreign visitors.

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