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The entrance inspection area of Domodedovo Airport has grown.

The entrance inspection area of Domodedovo Airport has grown

The number of screening zones has expanded at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Two additional entrance groups, which are situated in the T2 section of the passenger terminal and are intended to accommodate foreign aircraft, are now available to air harbor patrons and guests.

In T2, a multi-level service system has been put in place to allow for the division of passenger flows. The terminal building and the courtyard have entrances and exits on various levels for incoming and departing passengers. The zero admission group is the most practical for travelers arriving on international planes because, after going through it, they are directly at the T2 check-in area. The entrance group, which is situated next to the arrival area, is ideal for people who have just returned from a journey.

The addition of more inspection channels has resulted in a 20% increase in the terminal’s entrance group capacity. The terminal complex now has 5 regularly spaced entrance groups available to travelers and visitors at the airport. Additionally, depending on the volume of passengers, the number of inspection channels is adjusted for each entrance group.

A new generation of X-ray television introscopes is used at security checkpoints at the terminal building’s entrance at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. This is a cutting-edge two-course system for the automatic detection of liquid and solid explosives in checked baggage and hand luggage.

Source- Travel daily

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