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the first impact report from Aurora Expeditions

The first Impact Report 2022–2023 from Australia’s top expedition travel company, Aurora Expeditions, has been published. It is the expedition operator’s first report of its kind and is titled “Protecting the world’s wild places.”

Aurora, a company founded 32 years ago on the tenets of discovery and exploration, takes visitors on expeditions to some of the world’s most vulnerable and unexplored wilderness locations. This first Impact Report offers a thorough examination of the company’s efforts to date to embed sustainable practises across all areas of the business, as well as its future objectives, in recognition of its responsibility to protect these significant ecosystems.

“We are incredibly proud to release our first Impact Report, which outlines our commitment to sustainability and our vision to be the global leader in sustainable expedition travel,” said Michael Heath, CEO.

“This is about acknowledging where we are in our sustainability journey and being transparent and accountable for us as a business. We are all acutely aware of the urgency with which we must cooperate to help safeguard and regenerate our common home due to the planet’s rapidly worsening climate crisis.

We believe that educating and inspiring others through expedition travel is essential to preserving the wild and breathtaking places we visit.

In its Impact Report, Aurora examines its programme of initiatives under the ‘Planet’ and ‘People’ focus areas.

assisting with seven of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN

100% climate neutral status Projects to conserve biodiversity, renewable energy, and emissions

reducing the use of plastic, conserving water, and using waste management techniques

a commitment to passenger education through onboard expert teams and citizen science projects, honouring female conservationists onboard, and promoting access to global youth climate change education

Collaboration on innovative projects like the Antarctic Climate Expedition with people and organisations who share the company’s vision, like Dr. Sylvia Earle and Ocean Geographic 2023 February B Corp The company is currently in the Evaluation stage of certification, which should be finished by 2024, and certification is a logical progression as part of Aurora’s overall plans.

Th overall objective of Aurora’s portfolio of sustainability initiatives, programmes, and actions is to lessen adverse effects on the environment and communities while helping to create a more sustainable world for future generations. This first Impact Report acknowledges that the company’s efforts to reduce emissions are ongoing. It also makes a commitment to join the movement of forward-thinking thought leaders and promote the creation of new technology that will increase the sustainability of the expedition cruise market.

Source- Travel daily

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