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Top ten cruise destinations for British tourists

Top Ten Cruise Destinations for British Tourists

According to recent study, Norway is the cruise location that Brits choose the most frequently. Medical Travel Insurance experts at AllClear Travel used a list of phrases, such as “cruise to X” and “X cruise holidays,” and combined them with various places to analyse data to find the most frequently Googled cruise-related queries. To produce the rankings, the most popular search phrases were divided by continents, countries, regions, and coastal states.

With an average monthly search volume of 134,018, Norway tops the list of popular nations for cruise vacations. The nation, which is a part of Scandinavia, is home to several stunning scenery, including the Kjenndalen glaciers, the Jostedal Glacier National Park, and the UNESCO-protected fjords.

With a monthly search volume of 41,378 on average, Greece comes in second on the list. In addition to opulent islands like Mykonos, which is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, mainland Greece also has Athens, a city rich in historical landmarks including the Acropolis Museum, Tower of Winds, Pantheon, and others.

The third-placed country is Italy, which saw an average of 29,889 searches every month. Italy has several beautiful cities where you can visit to enjoy the coastline views and Italian cuisine, including ports in Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and Sorrento.

Iceland, with an average monthly search volume of 18,036, came in fourth. The Blue Lagoon, the Glymur Waterfall, and not to forget the Aurora Reykjavik to watch the Northern Lights are just a few of the attractions in or close to Reykjavik, which is the stunning capital of Iceland.

Australia is ranked fifth, with 10,921 searches each month on average. Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast are just a few of Australia’s coastal towns where you can enjoy both the city and the beach life. There are also many thrilling activities for thrill-seekers, such snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef or scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Source- Travel daily

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