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Top Vietnamese Idols from Bigo Live Set Out on a Phuket Adventure

Top Vietnamese Idols from Bigo Live Set Out on a Phuket Adventure

The Best of Bigo Live Vietnam’s Special Journey to Thailand Will Be Live-Streamed Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, August 7, 2023 — Bigo Live superstars from Vietnam will travel to Phuket, Thailand on a special adventure dubbed “Bigo Summer 2023 Phuket Adventure,” where they hope to experience Phuket’s wonderful culture and share the real friendships and relationships they have made with others in the Bigo Live community.

Image of the Amazing Summer Adventure that is Bigo Summer 2023

Over the course of the four-day trip, nine stunning female idols, including the Top 5 winners of the Bigo Summer 2023 Amazing Summer Adventure competition, AG3979, Nana3011, tracycutie99, cotham, Mimi306, Tho.cute, Traruby, Oanhta1, and Mia2k, will have the chance to interact with other broadcasters and members of the user community in Phuket. All Idols will broadcast their travel experiences to millions of followers worldwide using the Bigo Live app, the industry leader in livestreaming. Bigo Live Online to Offline Transfer On July 31, there was a lively and spectacular warm-up exercise before the journey officially started. The 10 quickest and most accurate users who correctly predicted the identity of the nine idols travelling with them won special presents from Bigo. The beginning of the voyage has heightened anticipation and preparedness for the coming unique moments. Each Idol will face a variety of specific questions from Bigo’s knowledgeable tour guides, making this trip more than just a regular journey. These inquiries not only increase audience knowledge of the characteristics and preferences of the idols but also provide hours of nonstop amusement. The tour is not just about the picturesque surroundings, but also about the humour and distinctiveness of the Idols’ responses. Additionally, engaging and fun group games will be planned regularly during the voyage. The nine Idols will engage in exciting challenge battles and contend for cute BTC prizes. The voyage of these attractive and endearing Idols promises to be everything but boring thanks to these interesting and satisfying activities. Bigo will make a rating board for the nine idols, so let’s support and offer gifts to your favourite affable and lovely idol because Bigo has a special surprise in store for the top three on this ranking! Four days of new and original content will be added to the Bigo Live Vietnam Fanpage in an update. Users will be plunged in a world of flawless cuisine, visit mesmerizingly beautiful locations, encounter other cultures, and hear about the idols’ singular experiences. We can’t help but be thrilled and anticipating the Bigo Summer 2023 Phuket Adventure with the Idols with all the amazing and wonderful things that are in store for us on August 8th. They will certainly carry treasured moments and wonderful memories with them on this voyage. Update further details at  Regarding Bigo Live One of the fastest-growing livestreaming social groups in the world is Bigo Live, where members broadcast in real-time to share life events, display their abilities, and communicate with others from across the globe. More than 400 million people utilise Bigo Live across more than 150 nations.

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