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Travel retail at Changi Airport continues to flourish

Travel retail at Changi Airport continues to flourish

The new high-end stores in Terminal 1’s Central Piazza are just a few of the recent, exciting changes to Changi Airport’s travel retail landscape.

Travel retail at Changi Airport is thriving, with increased sales and fresh shopping opportunities for passengers, in parallel with the airport’s robust rebound in both passenger and flight traffic.

Here is a look at the most recent changes to Changi’s travel retail landscape and what consumers might expect later this year.

Retail at Changi Airport: the numbers

  • Since the previous year, total sales have risen rapidly, reaching a high of nearly 60% in January 2023 in comparison to 2019 levels.
  • Strong sales growth has been observed at Changi Airport from countries including Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.
  • The top three categories at Changi’s retailers are once again Perfumes & Cosmetics, Liquor & Tobacco, and Luxury.

Partnering with companies to maintain Changi’s travel retail as interesting and innovative as possible for tourists

Even at the height of the epidemic, Changi continued to draw tenants, demonstrating the brands’ strong faith in Changi Airport’s ability to rebound from the travel slump. When Terminal 4 (T4) and the southern wing of Terminal 2 (T2) reopened last year, the leasing activity for the airside concessions at Changi Airport significantly increased. 19 brand-new to Changi brands and ideas were successfully obtained, and over 140 airside concession leases were successfully completed. Particularly, the market responded overwhelmingly to a massive leasing effort for 20 F&B establishments in T2.

at recent months, several significant stores have opened at the terminals of Changi Airport.

  • The largest Bacha Coffee store in the world, a new duplex store at Terminal 3 (T3)
  • Three luxury boutiques namely Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co at Terminal 1 (T1)
  • New-to-Changi brands such as Korean streetwear label ADLV in T4
  • Popular athleisure brand Lululemon in T3.

Transforming retail areas to improve the eating and shopping experience in Changi

Changi Airport is able to provide experiences that go beyond simple shopping by transforming retail areas to be both attractive and practical. The most recent instance is the renovation of T1’s Departure Transit Hall’s Central Piazza, which was finished last year.

The area was purposefully created to provide a cosy, peaceful atmosphere that is unlike the chilly functioning of an airport and more akin to a hotel lobby. Carefully chosen architectural features, such as hanging chandeliers, green columns sprouting from ponds, the sound of water among the lush greenery, earthy tones, and an artistic blown-glass suspension, help to create an oasis of serenity.

Shilla Duty Free, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., and Lotte Duty Free are among the tenants in the Central Piazza that have been arranged for better exposure to customers from the time they enter the Departure Transit Hall. Additionally, the establishments have been created to blend in with the serene surroundings.

To revitalise the area and improve the overall retail and dining experience, the west wing of the T1 Departure Transit Hall has also been reorganised. With a new F&B cluster anchored in the zone to stimulate foot traffic, the updated design includes more vegetation and a wider entry to the secondary street. With more seating and a snug layout, along with new landscaping and F&B concepts, the customer experience has been improved.

The T1 Departure Transit Hall’s east wing will be refurbished next. A well-liked F&B cluster will be improved, and additional retail spaces will be added. The project will boost net leasable space, broaden passenger options, and improve the ambiance in the neighbourhood.

Unique omnichannel experiences that pique customers’ interest

Through Changi 1st pop-ups in the transit halls every month, Changi Airport collaborates with companies to pique travellers’ interest. These activations frequently include the world’s or Asia’s first limited edition product launches.

From 5 April to 14 May, the Guerlain Parfumerie d’Art Pop-up at T3’s Departure Transit will celebrate the release of Jasmin Bonheur, the newest fragrance in the L’Art & La Matière line. Customers may look forward to personalised engraving services, unique scent consultations, and the ability to embellish your bottle in a number of ways.

A further example of Changi Airport’s innovation to enhance airport shopping is the Changi Shopping Concierge service. Passengers who desire a customised shopping experience can take advantage of this gratis service available around-the-clock. Customers are attended to by Shopping Concierge Ambassadors (SCAs), who are educated and equipped with product expertise to inform visitors about the fascinating range of shopping options available across the airport, including Changi exclusives.

To take the customers shopping before their boarding time, SCAs might meet them early in the airport. Additionally, they may assist in pre-purchasing the things, having them wrapped, and delivering them to the traveller at the boarding gate. The SCAs can assist in making product recommendations depending on the passenger’s tastes and budget and can assist in enquiring with the outlets about product availability if the customer does not have a specific item in mind.

Additionally, cross-terminal shopping is possible with the service. For instance, travellers from Terminal 4 who are eager to buy at Terminals 1, 2, and 3 can use the SCAs to assist them make purchases and have the products delivered right to their T4 boarding gates. Passengers have two options for making payments: either they may do it online or the SCAs can arrange to meet and accompany them in person at the stores. The Shopping Concierge service does not have a minimum expenditure requirement.

On the digital front, the iChangi app has been essential in enhancing our digital offer by making a range of goods and services readily accessible at the press of a button, in addition to bringing additional brands and items to our e-commerce site iShopChangi.

For instance, our travellers can now do things like rent a Wi-Fi router, buy duty-free items on iShopChangi in advance, and have them available for pickup when they get to the airport. The app also allows users to redeem shopping GWPs (gift with purchase), PWPs (buy with purchase), and parking promos in addition to scheduling a variety of activities and events. Customers may transact digitally without standing in wait, offering them significantly more convenience and reducing labour costs.

Upcoming are more fun promos and activities

This year’s 11th round of the “Be A Changi Millionaire” campaign promises to be a triumphant return. Shoppers have the opportunity to win the much desired top prize of S$1 million in cash during the airport’s year-long programme. Throughout the year, there will also be additional tempting incentives, such as monthly flight tickets and daily cash awards.

This year, the second installment of “World of Wines and Spirits” (WOWS) will be exciting for booze enthusiasts. The first event, which was held in conjunction with Lotte Duty Free last year (from September 30 to December 31), included more than 200 of the greatest goods from more than 75 companies. All connoisseurs of fine wines and spirits were welcome to shop from a selected selection on the WOWS website at any time throughout the promotional period. The WOWS signature event in October of last year was also open to about 400 Changi Rewards members. The premium event featured six workshops led by business leaders, cultural performances, and tastings of a hand-picked assortment of expensive and rare goods.

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