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World's Capital for Visa Services and Documentation reports a 145% increase in US to UK ticket bookings.

Travel service firm has noticed a notable increase in outbound US tourists booking flights and lodging in the UK and other parts of Europe. Despite significant worldwide inflation, Americans’ attitudes on long-haul travel to Europe are getting better. According to flight booking data, travel from the US to the UK increased by an impressive 145% in the first half of this year.

This increase in air travel demonstrates the rising demand for transatlantic travel as well as the growing curiosity of American tourists about different European places.

According to hotel reservations made on for the UK, the top three cities for US tourists are London, Edinburgh, and Manchester.

With its all-in-one app strategy, is at the forefront of enabling seamless travel experiences, and its remarkable booking growth further reaffirms its position as a top travel service provider.

Data on visitors from the US to the entire continent of Europe is also positive, with flight reservations increasing by 101% during the same time period. The most frequent air arrival cities for Americans travelling to Europe are London (UK), Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France), Rome, and Milan (Italy), Athens (Greece), Lisbon, Portugal, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Dublin, Ireland.

Moreover, over the same time period, hotel reservations from the US to Europe increased by 60%.  After the outbreak, US travellers’ demand quickly recovered. VisitBritian reports that more Americans are visiting the UK than in 2019 and spending more money while there.

The Group’s Andy Washington, General Manager EMEA, shared his excitement about the upward trend in travel reservations between the US and Europe.

According to him, there has been a significant uptick in transatlantic travel, as seen by the 101% increase in ticket bookings and the 60% increase in hotel reservations for Europe.

“At Group, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional service and tailored travel solutions via our mobile-first strategy, ensuring our customers, comfort and convenience,” said the company.

Source- Travel daily

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