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TUI partners with Juniper Travel Technology's XML portfolio to increase dissemination of tours and activities.

TUI partners with Juniper Travel Technology’s XML portfolio to increase dissemination of tours and activities.

Through a partnership with Juniper Travel Technology, a leading provider of online solutions and connectivity in the travel industry, TUI Group, one of the world’s largest travel companies, has expanded the distribution of its Tours & Activities. Customers of Juniper TravelTech may now easily access and integrate TUI’s catalog of more than 88,000 excursions, activities, and attraction tickets, which are offered in more than 100 countries. TUI’s portfolio of experiences will initially be made accessible as a separate catalog, but later it will also be incorporated into Juniper’s packaging and call center modules. The collaboration with Juniper Travel Technology is a continuation of TUI’s strong and strategic growth in Tours & Activities as well as the expansion of its digital distribution.

“This partnership benefits both parties and enables TUI and Juniper Travel Technology to broaden their product lines and attract new clients. We are thrilled that businesses can now seamlessly integrate our carefully curated portfolio of the most relevant experiences from around the world thanks to Juniper’s industry-leading technological solutions. Said Nishank Gopalkrishnan, the TUI Group’s Tours & Activities division’s Chief Business Officer.

We partner with the finest companies and offer the best products, therefore a partnership with TUI was unavoidable. We are happy to supply our customers with their excursion, activity, and attraction tickets. This is a great partnership for both industries because we have pioneered creative and frictionless digital integration and TUI is well-known for its top-notch goods and customer service worldwide.  The general manager of Juniper Travel Technology, Juan Mateos, said.

TUI, one of the biggest companies in the tours and activities sector, sold more than seven million experiences in 2022. The complete TUI catalog of experiences can be integrated right away, or a customized selection based on a company’s requirements, such as particular locations or experience categories, can be made. TUI has the largest product sourcing team in the tours and activities sector, and experiences are evaluated against high quality, health and safety, and sustainability standards, including Green & Fair experiences, a first-in-the-industry certification based on GSTC criteria.

Source- Travel daily

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