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UPDATE on Thailand Tourism: September 2023

UPDATE on Thailand Tourism: September 2023

Thailand’s Prime Minister and the Travel Industry’s Collaboration Will Transform the Travel and Tourism Sector

By strategically working with other key authorities, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin hopes to take advantage of the high season tourism boom. With an emphasis on boosting flight frequency, streamlining visa procedures, and enhancing Thailand’s tourism appeal, new initiatives to increase flight frequency, make visa procedures more effective, and improve Thailand’s tourism appeal were reviewed.
In a vital meeting with tourism business owners, Thailand’s newly appointed PM addressed issues while detailing plans for sector expansion.

Significant changes are being explored, including the proposal to increase Thailand’s appeal to international visitors and make travel more convenient by extending the validity of tourist visas from 30 to 90 days. To make it easier for incoming tourists, PM Thavisin prioritized streamlining the immigration process.
He highlighted the security risks associated with removing entry visa requirements for visitors from China, India, and Russia, emphasizing the necessity of striking a balance between tourism promotion and national security.

The summit also emphasized the government’s commitment to boosting local tourism. The potential of reviving a dilapidated airfield in Phang-nga to accommodate small commercial aircraft was discussed.

In line with the objectives of inclusive economic growth, PM Thavisin also reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening 3,000 communities with untapped potential.

Thavisin coordinated initiatives to boost the economy with airline CEOs, members of AoT, and CAAT representatives in advance of the busiest travel season.
Thavisin reaffirmed his commitment to promoting tourism in all provinces, regardless of their political allegiances, and emphasized their commitment to creating a thriving industry.

Engagement between Thailand’s Prime Minister Thavisin and industry professionals represents progress in reviving Thailand’s tourism. Extended visas, simplified immigration, and aviation cooperation are just a few of the proposed policies that highlight the government’s dedication to development and adaptability. These programs provide visitors with extraordinary experiences and economic prosperity during the recovery.

Source- Travel daily

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