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What kind of compensation are you entitled to after an airstrike in Europe?

Due to the announcement of numerous strikes taking place across Europe that will affect air travel in the next weeks, customers may expect their travel plans to be delayed as the summer vacation draws near.

The greatest organisation in the world defending the rights of air travellers, AirHelp, offers advice on what to do while confronting strikes called by various parties. Many employees at airlines and airports, including air traffic controllers, are on strike due to chronic manpower shortages, long hours, and unfavourable working conditions. One in three flights across Europe are expected to be impacted by these strikes, which started on June 30.

Air Europa in Spain announced its third recent strike. Over 60 flights were impacted by the first strike, while 115 more were impacted by the second strike. There have already been cancelled more than 15 flights, and there will likely be more.

In addition, the strike in Spain, which has been going on since last February, has been joined by Air Nostrum and Iberia Regional. Data from AirHelp shows that more than 25 flights have already been impacted, with 8 of them being cancelled.

Local ground personnel have also announced a strike, which is scheduled to happen in July and August and will affect travellers heading to Portugal or Italy.

When airline employees go on strike, passengers have the right to sue for financial compensation for aircraft delays or cancellations. However, when airport employees go on strike, travellers cannot make a claim for compensation. All passengers must be provided with an alternate flight, which they can decline if they do not want to continue their travel, regardless of the cause of the strike. Passengers under these circumstances have the option of requesting a complete ticket refund.

Additionally, customers can ask the airline to pay for any additional expenses they incurred during the delay as a result of the flight disruption (such as meals, lodging, or lost luggage charges).

How can AirHelp assist travellers?

For the past ten years, AirHelp has fought for travellers who become vulnerable as a result of flight delays or cancellations. Over 1.5 million people have already won compensation for their cases during this time. Although many passengers are now aware of their rights, AirHelp has updated its Passenger Rights Guide with the most recent industry guidelines.

AirPayout, an insurance service added to AirHelp Plus, was also introduced by AirHelp. Regardless of the cause of the disturbance, this insurance allows travellers to obtain an immediate €100 reimbursement for aircraft delays or cancellations. This implies that any delays brought on by bad weather, unexpected medical situations, or airport employee strikes—disturbances that, in accordance with EU Regulation 261, may relieve the airline of its compensation obligations—will also be covered and compensated.

Source- Travel daily

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